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Low Maintenance Potted Plants: What Are My Options?

low maintenance potted plants

Small homes, small (or non-existent) gardens, busy lives and a lack of knowledge – all reasons why many of us choose to have no greenery in our lives. There is a perception that looking after a garden or houseplants can be time consuming and difficult, not to mention expensive.

While some types of plants can be hard to grow, there are many that are incredibly easy and the trend for potted gardens is making it even easier.

Whether you want to grow your potted plants inside, on the patio, out in the garden or on the balcony, there are plenty of low maintenance options available that even those of us with no green fingers at all can master, as the following article reveals…

What Is A Potted Plant?

The name is certainly on the tin. A potted plant is a plant that is grown in a pot. But there are so many different ways to express this.

You can choose to have small indoor houseplants in small pots, larger houseplants, such as indoor ornamental trees, that come in larger pots; and then there are the outdoor pots that can include huge bushes and trees, as well as a huge variety of vegetables and flowers.

In fact, almost any type of plant can be grown in a pot-and very successfully, too.

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low maintenance potted plants

Why Choose Potted Plants?

The main reason why people choose to grow plants in pots is because they don’t have access to or the room to grow directly in the garden. If you are lucky enough to have a garden space, it may be that it is entirely paved over.

In fact if you have chosen to use a resin bound driveway or pathway system to create a beautiful patio area, you may want to decorate the area with potted plants.

Another good reason for using potted plants is the fact that they offer convenience and flexibility.

These plants can be moved inside or out depending on the season, they can be moved around when you wish to change the look of your garden, and you can choose pots that add to the decor of your home or garden.

Finally, potted plants are incredibly easy to look after due to the amount of control you have over the variables. In a normal garden you have little control over the type of soil you have, the amount of water the plants are exposed to and the pests that have access to them.

With pots, you can control the type of soil and amount of water for each plant individually and vary it according to the needs of the plant. If there is an infestation of garden pests, you can limit the damage quickly and ensure that only one pot is ever affected.

As you can see, growing in pots has so many advantages, but that’s no help if you still have no idea where to start.

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low maintenance potted plants

Low Maintenance Potted Plants: 7 Top Tips

Top Tip No.1: Go Potty About Pots!

Choose the right pots for your environment and the plants – but keep in mind that in this case, bigger is always better. You will want small pots for you indoor plants, but outside, the bigger pots will hold water for longer and give you the chance to avoid having to water them too often.

The larger the pot the less often your plant will need to be repotted, the more soil it will hold, the more nutrients it will retain, the moire moisture it will hold and the more root space your plant will have. All of this means less maintenance.

Top Tip No.2: Choose Plants To Complement Your Existing Aesthetics:

If you want colour in your potted garden you should choose flowering plants. You can grow spring flowers such as daffodils and tulips easily in a large pot, while primulas, marigolds and busy lizzies make for pretty and colourful displays.

You can also replace these plants as they die off with new ones suitable for the time of the year to give you year round colour.

The spring bulbs will also grow back every year giving you an early spring feel in your garden.

Top Tip No.3: Select Easy To Grow Vegetables:

Growing vegetables in pots couldn’t be easier. Salads and herbs are a great place to start – even inside, however almost any vegetable you would normally grow in a vegetable patch can be grown in a pot.

You just need to make sure you have a suitable depth of soil and that you plant the seeds with the correct spacing and thin them out as they grow. You may need to adjust the amount of water you give as they may need more or less depending on the location.

Top Tip No.4: Make Sure Your Pots Have Excellent Drainage:

This means that the pot itself should have holes in the bottom so water can flow through and ideally that the pot is not left standing in a saucer or drip tray full of water.

Additionally, larger pots can have added drainage in the form of rubble, stones or broken crockery. Anything to slow the rush of water through the pot and to prevent any standing water.

Top Tip No.5: Ensure Terracotta Pots Are Coated:

Remember that if you choose a terracotta pot that has not been coated, the water will seep into the material itself. This can lead to staining of the outside of the pot – something that often adds to the good looks.

It also means that the pot itself can offer a source of moisture for the plant. Terracotta or other porous materials mean you won’t need to water as often, while ceramic or plastic may mean the opposite.

Top Tip No.6: Use Smaller Pots To Reduce Time Spent Pruning

Potted plants are limited in their growth by the size of the pot they are in. This is great if you want to reduce the amount of time spent trimming the plant.

Your potted plants should only need pruning once or twice a year, if that and you can avoid having to repot too often by choosing a good sized pot to start with.

Top Tip No.7: Create Some Funky Shapes To Add Visual Intrigue:

Topiary is a great outdoor or indoor potted plant for low maintenance and high drama good looks.

You may think that the trimming of these plants takes lots of time, but actually once shaped, they maintain their good looks for many months without needing very much trimming at all.

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low maintenance potted plants

Low Maintenance Plants For Pots: 6 Colourful Choices

● Succulents – hardly any water needed and very slow growing
● Box trees – not just for hedges, great in pots too
● Hydrangeas – pretty flowers and gorgeous colour
● Plectranthus – silvery leaves that look great year round
● Grasses – visually stunning and so easy
● Bulbs – spring bulbs are perfect for the first splash of colour year after year

Whether you are looking to improve the entire look of your garden as part of a resin bound driveway or pathway makeover, or you simply want to choose potted plants that are going to have an easy impact on your garden – our ideas should point you in the right direction.

Looking for further low maintenance plant suggestions that require relatively minimal upkeep? Talk to our team of green-fingered experts today, by calling 0800 1700 636, or by simply clicking the button below!

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