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Modern Hip Roof Designs To Set the Right Impression

modern hip roof designs

In one way, the ancient Egyptians were the pioneers of, what would have then been, modern hip roof designs (although they wouldn’t have actually known it at the time!)

The Egyptians were rather modern and hip, and because they didn’t know just how modern and hip they were, it made them even hipper!

This is because the shape of a hip roof is very similar to that of a pyramid, in the sense that a hip roof does not have any flat sides.

Imagine then, if you will, a pyramid that slopes down on all four sides from a point at its pinnacle. This is the standard design of a hip roof, although modern hip roof designs can incorporate several variants to this.

Let’s take a trip back to Ancient Egypt on our virtual camel to put this into perspective…

Imagining Our Imaginary Pyramid

The four points at which our imaginary pyramid meets the ground would thus, in this analogy, be the eaves of a house, albeit a house that is buried underneath a dessert. And who is to say that the Egyptians didn’t actually build their houses underneath the dessert?

Nobody has discovered anything to the contrary of this hypothesis as yet!

If the houses were underground, then the pyramids would be like the loft of the house – where they kept all of their old bits of jewellery and tat…in fact this theory is starting to make a lot of sense.

Anyway, enough about the Egyptians and their pyramids/houses built underneath the dessert. History is so out of date! Let’s talk about modern hip roof designs!

Modern Hip Roof Designs: What Are My Options?

There are a range of modern hip roof designs available to the discerning hip roof connoisseur, the most popular ones are listed below:

Option 1: The Simple Hip Roof

This is your standard, job done, job’s-a-good’un hip roof and the most popular type of hip roof available on the hip roof market.

It is distinguished by a ridge that runs atop of the roof, from which two trapezium shapes slope down (making up the larger sides of the roof) and two triangular shapes slope down (making up the smaller sides of the roof). All in all a very aesthetically pleasing appearance!

Option 2: The Pyramid Hip Roof

The ancient Egyptian standard and a very regal and elegantly designed hip roof. Four triangular sides meet at the top of the singular point of the roof. A pyramid by name and a pyramid by nature.

This option is particularly popular with Professors of Geometry, lovers of symmetry and people who can trace their family tree back to Cairo, circa 3100 BC.

Option 3: The Cross Hipped Roof

A very stylish design that incorporates what is effectively two hipped roofs for the price of one (or thereabouts). This is basically two hip roofs joined together to form an L-shaped building.

The seam of the joining of the roofs is called the ‘valley’ or the ‘cross hip’ – in layman’s terms; however, it is known as an L-shaped roof.

modern hip roof designs

If you would like to become The Eternal King or Queen or your neighbourhood, then the time has come to summon and harness the everlasting and unparalleled power of a hip roof!

Modern Hip Roof Designs: 2 Brilliant Benefits

The principal benefit of modern hip roof designs is that they look modern and hip. They are, literally, modern and hip. Aside from this rather literal benefit, hip roofs also offer the following advantages:

Hip Roofs Are More Beautiful Than Cleopatra!

The beautiful aesthetics of a hip roof are something of a wonder to behold, and comparable as such only to the beauty of the pyramids.

In fact, why waste your money going to Egypt and staring at a pyramid for a couple of hours, when you could actually build a pyramid on top of your house and stare at it everyday!

Furthermore, your neighbours will probably start to think of you as some sort of Eternal Egyptian King or Queen, and hold you in the same reverence as Tutankhamun, Cleopatra and Omar Sharif.

Hip Roofs Are More Powerful Than the Egyptian Sun God Ra!

Aside from the architectural wonders that are associated with modern hip roof designs, there is another key benefit of this style of roofing insofar as the design is advantageous in protecting against harmful weather conditions.

Indeed, the sloping design of hip roofs means that there are no flat surfaces on the roofs top, front, rear or sides. Flat surfaces are more easily eroded by wind and rain and it is for this reason that hip roofs are particularly popular in regions that experience harsher weather conditions.

An Egyptian Drainage System: A Wonder of Historical Engineering

Even more beneficial is the fact that the sloping designs of hip roofs do not allow rainwater or moss to collect on top of the roof.

A continual drainage system that prevents pooling and leaking is effectively created by having all sides of the roof sloping towards the ground; hip roofs are renowned for offering extremely long-term durability. Just look at the pyramids-they’ve lasted for over 5000 years!

Pyramid Schemes That Actually Work!

If you would like to become The Eternal King or Queen or your neighbourhood, then the time has come to summon and harness the everlasting and unparalleled power of a hip roof! Shore up the structural integrity of your kingdom today, by calling 0800 1700 636, or by simply clicking the button below!