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Mono Pitch Roof Benefits: What Does it Offer My Home?

mono pitch roof benefits

If you’re sat there wondering what on earth a mono pitch roof is, then wonder no more!

We shall put your curious mind at ease and explain what it is, how it is built, and take you through each mono pitch roof benefit in turn…

Question One: What is it?

A mono pitch roof, which also goes by the name of skillion or a shed roof, is simply a roof that only slants in a single direction. It consists of a single surface of the sloping roof, which tends to be detached from any other potential roof surface.

Sounds quirky, right? It actually isn’t as uncommon as you may think, especially to those who live in residential areas. A mono pitched roof differs greatly from the more conventional gabled roofs, both in its shape and how it is constructed. Now you know what it is, let’s take a look at how it’s made!

How Are They Made?

The construction process of a mono pitched roof is actually simpler than you may have first thought, considering the shape! This is because this design of roof is more commonly seen on top of garages. However, people are seeing the benefits of using this kind of roof for their homes, too.

There are two parts to a mono pitched roof (ironic!), which are the following:

The Rafter

The rafter can be identified as the sloping part of this roof design. Its main purpose is to support materials, such as roof cladding, parallel with the lining materials of the ceilings.

Depending on the length of your rafter, you may need a beam to support the rafter so you don’t run the risk of what is known as rafter deflection.

The Beams

These handy little fellows are a crucial aspect of mono-pitched roofing. The beams tend to go horizontally, forming a lovely neat 90 degree angle with the rafter(s).

To put it plainly – the beams are there to provide solid support for the rafters. This guarantees a strong construction and the assurance of protection and longevity.

So we’ve covered the definition and how they are made. The next step, you ask? Let us take you through the mono pitch roof benefits!

mono pitch roof benefits

If natural light is high on your priority list, then going for a mono pitched glass roof will tick all your boxes. Whether the room below the roof is used as a living space for your teenager, or even a new-born, you are guaranteed maximum sunlight

Mono Pitch Roof Benefits: Cost Considerations

What may come as a surprise is that there are quite a few mono pitch roof benefits to enjoy, starting first of all with expenses. This doesn’t directly apply to financial expense, either.

Mono pitch roofing is much more cost-effective than installing a commonly used gabled roof, meaning you can save a couple of quid in the process of putting a roof over your head.

Another expense spared is the time consumption. Due to the simplicity of building and installing, it requires very few pairs of hands and hours necessary to complete the job.

A Little Extra Benefit

This little addition on the mono pitch roof benefits list depends on whether your house is free-standing. If it is, you’re in luck!

A mono pitched roof would possess the ability to extend back, removing the need of an internal gutter in the process.

Let There Be Light!

If natural light is high on your priority list, then going for a mono pitched glass roof will tick all your boxes. Whether the room below the roof is used as a living space for your teenager, or even a new-born, you are guaranteed maximum sunlight.

This can brighten the interior décor without having to switch the main light on. No more Blackpool illumination comments from the family!

The Illusion of Space

The installation of a mono-pitched roof will give you the sense of a larger living space. So if you want to make a small space look spacious, then a mono-pitched roof is certainly the way forward.

By communicating with your contractor, you can house the three most important aspects of the family home – living, utility and energy-optimisation – under one single mono-pitched roof. This certainly is a huge benefit if you’re looking to get the most out of your home!

A Lesson Learned

Feel like you have learned something? Hopefully you have! Finding out a new initiative of potentially improving your home’s aesthetic appeal is always a welcome surprise!

So, if you have a new roof on the DIY to-do-list for 2018, now you have something new to take into consideration! Don’t thank us, just take the wisdom and pass it on!

Still pondering whether the mono pitch roof benefits outweigh the drawbacks? Our experts are on hand to help clarify your confusion-simply call 0800 1700 636, or click the button below to talk to the team today!