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Spray Foam Insulation

Most Cost-Effective Insulation: Spray Foam Saves You Money


most cost effective insulation
Home improvements can be expensive, and you want to be sure that when investing in your home, whatever you’re buying is good value, cost-effective, long-lasting, and that it won’t be swiftly replaced by newer, better technology.

The most cost-effective insulation is therefore a product that keeps your property warm and cosy, is an innovative technology, and pays for itself in energy efficiency savings. The most cost-effective insulation is spray foam insulation.

Spray foam insulation is unlike traditional insulation materials in that it’s a completely different product – not panels of material or adhesives.

An industrial foam, spray foam insulation is 100% water-blown, and creates a foam that expands, before drying out, and settling into place. Due to the foam expansion, it will fill the space around it, and once dried, form a superior seal, protecting the area within.

Protects Against Pests

As Icynene spray foam insulation leaves no gaps for air flow, there are no vulnerable areas for insects or pests to crawl through and enter. More traditional insulation products tend to degrade as they age and become a foodstuff for pests, but Icynene spray foam insulation remains strong and won’t fade, sag or break down over time.

Non-Toxic and Safe to Install

Despite being a chemical spray, spray foam insulation does not contain any harmful or toxic ingredients, and will not ‘off-gas’.

As well as not releasing its own chemicals or gases into the environment around it, it does not allow pollutants or allergens from the outside world to pass through either.

Pollutants from the outdoors often seep into the home, and negatively impact the air quality within it. When a complete block is in place, these are unable to enter, and instead, a cleaner, healthier atmosphere is promoted within.

This can have real health benefits to those with conditions irritated or caused by airborne allergens and poor air quality. Allowing spray foam insulation to seal off the home actively encourages a healthier living environment for all.

amost cost effective insulation

When a property is enveloped with spray foam insulation, there’s less need to heat and cool the rooms within than with the traditional insulation products that were present before

Savings on Energy Bills

The nature of the seal that spray foam insulation creates makes the property within impressively air-tight and dry, sealing in warm air, and keeping out cooler air and moisture.

This greatly differentiates spray foam insulation from more traditional insulation products – fibreglass panels still allow air to pass through between them, and deteriorate when wet, and blown-in cellulose sags and allows air to pass through above it as it settles.

When a property is enveloped with spray foam insulation, there’s less need to heat and cool the rooms within than with the traditional insulation products that were present before.

This increases the energy efficiency of the property, as less energy is used, and has a knock-on effect on the household’s energy bills as a result.

Existing customers who have had spray foam insulation fitted claim they save up to 40% on their energy bills. Reviews on third party website TrustPilot include:

“My home is really warm & cosy!”
“We went ahead and had our loft insulated, and what a difference; it’s now cosy, warm, drier, infact, good enough to put a room there!”
“Have noticed a difference already; has got rid of damp in my house.”
“I wanted to reduce our heating costs, so I am personally very pleased with their product. Although not cheap, it’s an investment!”

In terms of investment potential, spray foam insulation is pretty much failproof; it pays for itself within 3 years, due to savings on household bills!

Expert Team of Installers

Spray foam insulation is a chemical mixture, and requires specialist equipment that blows it with water, to be sprayed onto, or injected into, a surface. Therefore, it can only be installed by properly accredited and qualified technicians.

In the UK, the only approved and certified team of spray foam insulation installers work for us here at Home Logic.

We have teams of specialist technicians based around the country and are available for free home surveys, and home insulation advice as required.

“The two chaps doing the work were kind and courteous and the whole job was completed in two hours.”
“From the initial phone call through to having the work done was excellent. The two lads who carried out the work respected our house and just got on with the job.”
“The men were very polite and positive, and the work didn’t take too long. They did a good job, cleared up what little mess there was when they had finished. Feel it was all positive.”

You too can benefit from year on year savings with spray foam. Simply call 0800 1700 636, or click the button below to get started today!