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Protective Coatings

Never Paint Your House Again? Here’s How To Achieve It


If you could find a product that would mean you never have to paint your house again, you would use it, wouldn’t you?

Making an investment in your home that both improves the way it looks and gives it protection in the long term is possible, with a new range of paints and wall coatings that are gaining favour.

These hydrophobic products are fully breathable, water repellent, and perfect for giving your home exterior walls the longevity they deserve. Intrigued? Here’s how they work their magic…

Why Should I Waterproof My External Walls?

There are so many reasons why your exterior walls will need to be waterproofed, and yet so many of us unfortunately fail to do so.

Brick houses and those made with stone cladding or other porous materials can be subject to issues with water making its way into the wall either through the brick itself or through the grout between the bricks. What what damage can this cause?

● If any water passes through the exterior brick of your home, it can easily make its way into the interior walls, causing damp and moisture to build up. This can lead to mould and condensation issues, that can be very difficult to pinpoint and fix.
● Water that makes its way into the wall cavity can cause any insulation in this area to become wet and ineffective. Damp insulation fails to work, and can clump together, causing patches where it simply isn’t doing the job it should.
● If you have ever noticed white patches on your brick work, it will be useful to know that these are caused by damp bricks. The salts within the bricks and the water leach out in a process known as efflorescence, and the salty deposits that are left discolour the bricks, and can be very difficult to remove. Fixing the water issue is a good start, and allowing the bricks to dry completely should help to fix this problem.
● Water that gets between your bricks can freeze and expand, causing cracks that need to be repaired. These cracks allow even more water in, and the problem can escalate very quickly. This process of freeze and thaw is called spalling. In most cases, the only way to fix this is to remove the affected bricks, and replace them.
● Exterior walls that are subject to regular water can become dirty very quickly. In particular, mildew, moss and mould can grow, leaving green and black marks that will make your house look unattractive, and detract from its overall kerb appeal.

As you can see, protecting your home with a waterproof coating can mean that you will cut down on the maintenance issues that we all dread around out home. You may even never have to paint your house again.

Protect your property’s exterior for the long-term (and save some serious cash on repainting), with the help of waterproof masonry paint. Discover how this premium performing product can weatherproof your home today, by simply clicking the button below!


With most homeowners selling their homes after 10 years, you really can paint it and forget it – leaving the repaint to the new owners!

What Products Should I Use?

There are a range of excellent products now available to waterproof your home, and they have new and improved qualities that stop them doing harm.

In the past, waterproofing products were guilty of causing damp issues, due to the fact that they didn’t let the water or moisture that was already in the walls dry out. What you need is a breathable product that will stop water getting in, but will allow what’s already in there out.

You have a choice of a waterproof hydrophobic coating that will not change the colour of your bricks, or one that acts as a paint. They both work in a similar way, although on average, the former usually lasts longer.

The benefit of keeping the look of your brickwork is that you can have a traditional looking home, that is using modern technology to protect it. You home will look the same as your neighbours, but will not suffer from the same moisture related issues that they do.

You can also choose to paint your home in a colour of your choice with a waterproof paint that will protect and beautify. These paints are long lasting, and may result in you never having to paint again.

Do These Products Really Last A Lifetime?

Well, the fact is that it isn’t quite a life time – but these waterproofing products can last as long as 20 years before you need to coat them once again.

For most homeowners, that is a significant period of time and will give you the longevity and peace of mind you want. Of course you can choose to use a vinyl or plastic siding that really will last, but it doesn’t give you the traditional look you want, and it means that you are stuck with just one colour.


Overall, your home can easily be protected for as long as 20 years; almost a lifeline for a homeowner. You may never paint your house again, and you will wonder why you spent all that time in the past keeping up with maintenance. Sorted!

Can I Do This Job Myself?

In most cases, this is certainly possible, but you need to be prepared to spend some time getting it right. As with any specialist product, hydrophobic paints and coatings require special treatment to ensure they’re applied correctly in the right amount.

You should take the time to prepare your walls carefully; this means fixing any issues that are causing the walls to become damp before you start. A waterproofing product may hide a damp problem for a while, but it will not solve it. You need to be willing to do remedial work before you start.

You should ensure your walls are entirely clean before you begin, and that all old paint has been removed or sanded down. Depending on the product you use, you might need to use a primer, and you might want to hire a jet washer to really clean the walls before you start.

The method of application will depend on the type of walls you have. But bricks respond well to spray painting, while stucco or pebbledash needs a stippling brush or large fluffy roller.

Overall, your home can easily be protected for as long as 20 years; almost a lifeline for a homeowner. You may never paint your house again, and you will wonder why you spent all that time in the past keeping up with maintenance. Sorted!

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