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No Insulation In Exterior Walls? Here’s What To Do…

no insulation in exterior walls

No insulation in exterior walls? Is this a problem that you’re experiencing? Most modern homes have some form of wall insulation. They benefit greatly thanks to the improved thermal efficiency of the home.

Heating bills are kept low, and the comfort level inside the home increases. Sadly, older homes or homes with solid stone walls miss out on even this basic level of insulation, so what can you do with no insulation in exterior walls?

The following article aims to provide an overview of the options on offer, and the temptingly tangible benefits that external insulation provides. Let’s begin!

Option No.1: Insulating Cavity Walls

Cavity walls can be insulated; the good news is that there doesn’t have to be too much disruption to the home to do so. Cavity walls have two layers of bricks, and between the layers is just an empty space of air. 

Most modern homes (those built in the last 30 to 40 years) will have some form of insulation inside the cavity; but this isn’t always the case.

If you have an empty cavity wall you will want to change that to stop heat escaping the wall. The cost of heating the home will decrease because of improved ventilation. The other benefits to be gained from insulating the external walls depend on the type of insulation you choose, but they may include:

  • Protection from moisture damage
  • Improved comfort inside the home
  • Your carbon footprint will be reduced
  • The home will be easier to sell or rent

Option No.2: Solid Wall Insulation

Not all homes have cavity walls and, therefore, they can’t all have insulation inserted. This may sound like a severe problem, but there are other alternatives to consider. One option is to apply insulating boards to the inside of the walls. This will help with the thermal efficiency of the home, but it’s still far from ideal.

The most efficient boards to attach to the inside of your external walls will need to be thick. The thickness of the boards will take away some of the space you have in each room.

For properties with limited space, this reduction in room size is pretty unwelcome. Even the thin board will eat into the floor space, so it’s understandable why this isn’t a popular option when considering insulation.

Option No.3: External Wall Insulation

No insulation in exterior walls and cavity wall insulation not an option? Don’t fear, there is a very easy option to consider and it’s called Properla. Properla is a hydrophobic coating that is applied to the exterior walls of the home.

All the work takes place outside the property, so there is no disruption inside the home, and no floor space is lost. It really is a win-win situation!

no insulation in exterior walls

If you have no insulation in exterior walls the use of exterior wall coating is a good option to consider. The coating uses up to date nanotechnology which works with the mineral group to bond to the surface

Why Properla Pips The Other Options To The Post

Properla is added to the exterior wall, but does it work? The coating is effective as it keeps the masonry dry. Water cannot penetrate, instead it forms into small balls and simply rolls off. None of the water penetrates and so the wall stays dry.

Heat escapes damp brickwork, so keeping the masonry dry keeps the heat inside. The result is a comfortable home, and reduced energy bills.

There are other benefits too, such as improved energy rating making the property more appealing to buyers in the future.

Premium Property Protection Come Rain Or Shine

If you have no insulation in exterior walls the use of exterior wall coating is a good option to consider. The coating uses up to date nanotechnology which works with the mineral group to bond to the surface.

It works with a wide variety of surface materials, so long as they are porous. The surface is protected with an invisible layer, which is active for up to two whole decades.

During that time the Properla coating will also protect the home from:

  • Rain and the elements
  • Algae
  • Pollution
  • Dirt and grime
  • Oil

The coating is ideal for helping to keep the home warm and it’s even effective when used in conjunction with cavity wall insulation as well as solid walls or walls without insulation.

In reality, your thermal effectiveness can be improved by around 50%! The savings are significant for the home owner and the benefits greatly noticeable.

Enlist The Help Of The Wall Insulation Experts Today!

When considering the benefits, home insulation is a must. There are many options available when it comes to insulation, but it’s not always easy to know which one is best for your home and specific needs.

Home Logic provide a free site survey at your property to establish to most effective insulation for the type of walls you have.

To arrange your free site survey simply call the freephone number on 0800 1700 636. Alternatively, simply click the button below to get started with your external insulation project today!