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Northern Insulation Contractors

Northern Insulation Contractors

If you’re desperately seeking Northern insulation contractors that practice what they preach, then you’ve come to the right place!

We’re dedicated to bringing cost-effective, energy saving solutions to Northern homeowners across the region.

Drive down your household energy bills with the help of Icynene, and get set for a more eco-friendly future, without breaking the bank in the process…

Condensation? Icynene’s got it Covered

It’s no secret that normal daily activities contribute to a build-up of moisture, but what can be done to prevent it?

Icynene spray foam insulation controls airborne moisture and related mould issues, creating a healthier home environment all round.

It achieves this thanks to its effective open-celled composition, which enables water to drain away at the drop of a hat!

Contrary to popular belief, condensation in the roof space is not usually the sign of a building fault, but an inadequately insulated roof space instead.

Read more about the manifold benefits of insulating your loft space here.

Choose Icynene for a Quieter Home

If you live on a main road, chances are that you’ll experience noise pollution on a daily basis.

Not only is this extremely aggravating, it can also interfere with your overall sleep patterns, especially if you work shifts.

If you’re looking for some much-needed respite from constant noise, then consider investing in Icynene.

Open-celled Icynene spray foam has excellent mid-range sound barrier qualities, enabling your home to become the peaceful refuge you yearn for.

The benefits of Icynene’s unrivalled acoustic performance properties also transpires to your interior living space as well.

We may be a nation of dog lovers, but barking dogs are enough to drive even the most patient of people barking mad eventually!

Yet if you opt to have Icynene installed by a Northern insulation contractor, internal noise from your beloved, barking bow-wows will be dramatically reduced.

Seeking Significant Savings? Icynene Helps You Battle the Bills

Sick of service protrusions? With the aide of Icynene, you can rest assured that any cracks or gaps remain sufficiently sealed for the long-term.

Not only does Icynene save homeowners money on their energy bills, it also makes a property a far more attractive proposition for potential buyers as well.

The EPC rating of a home plays a major part in determining its overall sale price. If you’re considering selling your property at a later date, the fact that Icynene significantly increases your property’s EPC rating is likely to appeal.

Every Icynene installation comes complete with a 25 year worldwide warranty, ensuring that your northern Icynene installation performs for the life of the building.

Why Home Logic Should be Northern Insulation Contractors TopChoice

Take a look at how we do things differently…

At Home Logic, we’ve met the strict criteria set by Icynene to become the UK’s largest approved contractor of Icynene.

In addition to this, we are also the industry leader in terms of size, professionalism and comprehensive customer service and aftercare as well.

Consequently, we were chosen to appear on the new series of Channel 4’s Grand Designs, insulating an innovative treehouse project with Icynene-all in day’s work for our expert team of installers!

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