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PassivLiving - Flexible, Smart Thermostat Control

PassivLiving HEAT enables you to control your space & water heating remotely using a smartphone app or web interface. As well as improving comfort & control, it reduces your heat consumption by up to 25%

Award winning smart thermostat

Control space and water heating using a smartphone

Monitoring and control for the smart home

Works with networked sensors, in-home displays and actuatorspassivliving Reduce Heat Consumption

Reduce heat consumption by up to 25%

Deliver economic benefits as well as improving comfort and control

What is PassivLiving Heat?

You may have recently seen advertised British Gas’ remote heating control solution ‘Hive’, which enables their gas customers to remotely manage their heating when they are out of the house. PassivSystems have developed a similar solution to ‘Hive’ called PassivLiving HEAT.
PassivLiving HEAT works with both Oil & Gas fired boilers – Using a smart phone, PC or tablet our system enables you to control your heating system, wherever you are and whenever you want; making it simple to match your heating to your lifestyle.
PassivLiving Products
PassivLiving Tablet App

The App

At home, away from home? The app lets you control your heating wherever you are. The app lets you remotely:

  • Check and change the temperature of your home
  • Alter your current occupancy status
  • Check, set and change away/holiday settings
  • Modify your schedule for today and tomorrow
  • Control your hot water

The Portal

PassivLiving is a secure portal that lets the homeowner view their heating online. Access is available from any browser.

  • Check and change the temperature of your home
  • Set and alter your heating schedule
  • Modify temperature set points
  • Check, set, and change away/holiday settings
  • Set, monitor, and boost your hot water schedule
  • Track how warm your home is
  • View your heating usage in relation to internal & external temperatures over a day or the whole month
PassivLiving PC

PassivLiving HEAT Features


PassivLiving is Designed for UK homes


Smartphone and PC enabled


Learns behaviours and optimises performance

PassivLiving Heat App Features

UK customer service desk


Easy to install


Secure access


Interested in PassivLiving HEAT Smart Control?

Call us on 0800 1700 636 and speak with one of our friendly Solar specialists


Total generation monitored to date
Carbon tonnes equivalent saved by our customers to date
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