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Pink Panther Insulation: What’s It All About?

pink panther insulation


The manufacturers of Pink Panther insulation certainly ought to know their stuff – they’ve been at it since the 1930s! They are credited with inventing the rolls of fibreglass insulation that we all know – though may not love.

Since the late seventies they’ve adopted the cartoon character as their mascot – the question is – does pink panther insulation leave you laughing quite as much as Peter Sellers?

In this post, we’ll address the pros and cons of pink panther insulation, including what it is, how it works, and how it performs in practice. Let’s begin!

Pink Panther Insulation: The Pros


One of the headline selling points of fibreglass is that it enables you to achieve the required level of insulation – according to current building regulations – at an affordable price. This is certainly true; fibre is one of the cheaper forms of insulation on the market.

It has an R value of around 3 – 3.4. per inch and in the UK, you’ll need around 270mm of fibreglass insulation to achieve this.

Easy to Install

Well, this depends on your view of ‘easy’ but fibreglass insulation comes in rolls or ‘batts’ that are then laid between the joists in your loft.

Simple enough? There’s a downside but we’ll cover that in the cons!

Easy to Source

This is true, whether you’re doing the job yourself, or prefer to hire a professional. Fibreglass rolls are available in abundance, in most home improvement stores around the country.

So you’ll never struggle to find the material, which means you won’t be wasting any time looking online or in stores.

pink panther insulation