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Pitched Roof Insulation Between Rafters

 Issues With Insulation? Spray Foam Offers a Successful Solution

Over recent years the government has encouraged homeowners to insulate their loft spaces to save on energy and to keep our homes warmer.

They have introduced schemes to help pay for the usual mineral wool insulation that can be installed on the floor of the loft to protect the house.

But what if you don’t have the head height to install the recommended 270mm of insulation or you just want to ensure your loft space is a usable room?

Spray foam insulation can be a viable alternative that removes many of these insulation issues.

Spray Foam Provides The Perfect Pitched Roof Insulation Between Rafters

You may only use your loft for storage, but it is always good to have a boarded out area where you can move around, and even stand up.

In some cases, however, the insulation can make a huge difference to the room that you have in your loft, causing it to be less usable – even as a storage space.

In this case it makes sense to add the insulation the to the space between the roof rafters, rather than to the floor. With spray foam, you can very easily do that, and with great results.

Spray Foam Saves Heat and Your Hard-earned Cash

Insulating your roof is one of the best ways to save money in your home. Heat rises, and therefore, the heat in your home will quickly make its way to the loft space, and then out through your roof.

Your precious heating and energy resources are being wasted – costing you money and increasing your energy footprint.

Pitched Roof Insulation Between Rafters

Spray Foam Provides A Superior Seal Between Rafters

Spray foam can simply be sprayed into the gaps between your rafters, creating a perfect seal between the elements and your home.

The loft space can remain usable, with no loss of head height, and the finish is immaculate. Simply board over it, knowing that the loft is now a cosy space that all the family can enjoy.

Spray Foam Provides The Perfect Option For Pitched Roofing

On pitched roofs the ease of application is even more obvious. Spray foam will not slide or sink down the roof slope the way some mineral wool insulation can.

In order for it to work on a slope, wool insulation has to be very tightly packed, making it a tricky job. Spray foam will adhere to the surface, filling all gaps quickly and staying put.

Spray Foam: Maximum Results For Minimum Effort

Finally you don’t need to empty your loft to install spray foam insulation. Unlike floor insulation, the application process is easy and can be done, even when the loft is harder to access due to the storage.

Your loft will be left warmer and more usable. It can become that bedroom you need or a playroom for the kids. The space will stay the same size and you get all the benefits of the the usual depth of insulation, but without the space that that takes up. Its a win win situation!

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