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Glass vs Polycarbonate Roof: The Essential Difference

Polycarbonate vs Glass Roof: The Essential Difference

Building a conservatory is a great way of adding value to your property, and increasing the amount of available living space within your home.

They can fulfil many different purposes, from a common greenhouse, to a sunroom or additional kitchen space. These spaces are incredibly functional but look amazingly attractive too, creating a perfect space to relax and unwind.

But when it comes to choosing a roof, which material should you go for? Let’s take a look at the glass conservatory roof vs polycarbonate conservatory roof argument below…

Polycarbonate vs Glass Roof: Which is Best?

If you’ve been considering investing in a conservatory, you will need to decide whether yours should have a polycarbonate or glass roof. Both materials carry their own qualities and benefits, so let’s put them in the ring, and see how both choices compare…

Glass Conservatory Roofs

Glass conservatories are widely considered the best available choice. This is down to a number of distinct benefits, including the material’s energy efficiency rating.

Glass retains a lot more heat when compared to polycarbonate material, keeping your conservatory warm during the colder months.

This in turn can save you lots of money on your energy bills, as you rely less on energy-sapping electric heaters. Another major benefit of using a glass conservatory roof vs polycarbonate conservatory roof is that glass is less prone to scratches.

Glass is completely weather resistant and will not break or incur damage during harsh weather conditions.

Polycarbonate vs Glass Roof: The Essential Difference


Polycarbonate Conservatory Roofs

The main attraction towards a polycarbonate conservatory roof stems from its price. This material can be up to four times cheaper than the glass alternative, meaning they can be the better option for people on extremely tight budgets.

Although, this option is nowhere near as aesthetically pleasing as a glass roof.

So when choosing a conservatory roof, you must decide whether image or cost is more important to you. Each material offers its own advantages and drawbacks so it is important to consider these when making your decision.

Glass conservatories retain more heat, they are more visually pleasing and less prone to damage. However, in terms of cost, polycarbonate roofs are significantly more affordable.

Polycarbonate itself is easy to handle on site, harder to break than glass, and your roof will need less specification on weight loading. If used correctly, a polycarbonate roof will offer less glare from the sun when compared to a glass roof too, with the added bonus of reflecting light back into your living space

The Performance of Polycarbonate

If you decide to choose polycarbonate in the glass conservatory roof vs polycarbonate conservatory roof conundrum, you should know there are numerous different types to choose from.

You can purchase clear, bronze, opal and many more types of polycarbonate material. The typical U-value across these types of polycarbonate will usually be the same, but the amount of light transmission is likely to change.

For example, clear polycarbonate material lets through more light than an opal carbonate material.

Depending on the polycarbonate you opt for, you could prioritise light coming into the room, but with a greater transmission of heat, or vice versa. Some people prefer less natural light to enter their conservatories – whereas others love to have a hot room at all times.


Polycarbonate vs Glass Roof: The Essential Difference

Conservatory glass has been expanded and improved upon over the years. This material helps to keep you cooler when the sun is out, and warmer when Jack Frost is about!

It has self-cleaning qualities, and makes much less noise during a rainstorm when compared with polycarbonate. Of course, installing a glass roof means that you can see the sky during the day, and the stars at night. All year round you obtain a better quality of light.

You’ll also find that this transmits more natural light into the adjoining internal room.

A conservatory that is kept warmer for longer will mean you rely less on manual heating. This also means you can make a significant cut in your annual energy bills – and with rates constantly on the rise this can come as a bit of a blessing!

You will be able to use your conservatory for longer periods of time throughout the year, making it a more functional and enjoyable room for the whole family to enjoy.

Now let’s discuss some of the negatives of a glass conservatory roof vs polycarbonate conservatory roof.

Glass is of course a lot more expensive than a polycarbonate roof, and also a lot heavier! The material will also take longer to install during the construction stage, and some reinforcement of your roof’s framework may be required beforehand.

However, the initial outlay will be recovered, due to the conservatory lasting much longer.

LogicFoam Conservatory Insulation for Ultimate Protection

Whatever material you choose, we highly recommend that you have your conservatory insulated! This is incredibly important if you wish to get the internal temperature just right all year round.

Over a quarter of your heat loss occurs through the roof, making it a priority area to insulate. Glass conservatory roofs are a lot more effective to insulate, but we can facilitate any project you plump for.

We use the sophisticated Conservatory Insulation to facilitate all of our insulation management requests.

This incredibly simple yet unbeatable insulation method was first pioneered by NASA and the Apollo space missions. If it is good enough for NASA, then it is definitely good enough for your conservatory!


Benefits of Building and Insulating Your Conservatory

A conservatory is one of the most significant investments that a homeowner can make. In some cases, planning permission may be required before you attempt to build your own conservatory. It is always best to check with your local authority before beginning any construction work.

Before you take the plunge into a home improvement mission like this, let’s take a look at some of the benefits insulating your conservatory can provide. It is only natural to want to see the advantages before committing to a purchase, so let’s take a look at what this process has to offer:

Adds to The Property Value

A conservatory is a highly desirable feature for any home, make no mistake about it! A swanky new conservatory will be reflected in the asking price for your property, especially if you have a south facing garden.

Building a conservatory is a large-scale project that potential buyers would rather avoid. So if your house already has one in place, this is a massive bonus!

People would rather buy what is already in place rather than go through the trouble of building it themselves.

Of course, the amount of value your conservatory adds will depend largely on the type of conservatory you choose. Your choice of roof will also have a part to play in your overall decision-especially when you consider the fact that it can make or break your bills.

Polycarbonate vs Glass Roof: The Essential Difference


Adds More Space

Building a conservatory adds an extra room to your home. This is like gold dust to those households with very little internal space to begin with. Adding a conservatory opens up a whole world of opportunities in terms of how you use your additional space.

You can extend your kitchen or living room into the conservatory, or even reorder all of your other internal rooms.

Thanks to your brand-new conservatory, you can swap smaller spaces for large open ones as you please! Having too little space can be a big problem! Having too much space is never a problem!


Your conservatory is a place in your home that often receives an ample amount of light. This natural light is very beneficial to the occupants living inside as it can lift their mood and create a more comfortable atmosphere inside the house.

Not to mention the massive dose of vitamin D you will gain from exposure to all of that sunshine!

Enjoy Your Garden, Without the Temperature

A conservatory represents the transition between your interior and exterior spaces. It is both part of your house, and part of the garden simultaneously.

This means you can enjoy all of the benefits of being in your garden, without actually being in the garden. This is a huge positive for those who may suffer some negative effects from being outside – such as sunburn or hay fever.

Whether you use the conservatory for working or as a spot for relaxation, you will be treated with natural light all year round.

In the Summer, your conservatory can become the most enjoyable room in the house – as long as it is insulated effectively!

Polycarbonate vs Glass Roof: The Essential Difference


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