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Spray Foam Insulation

Problems With Foam Insulation: The Definitive Guide

Problems with Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is a new product to the UK market, and it can be difficult to find out much information about it online.

Before embarking on this insulation project, important to ensure a property has been thoroughly and carefully assessed for suitability, to protect against any potential problems from arising at a later date.

How does it all work, and how you can rest assured you won’t experience problems with foam insulation? We explain all in the following article…


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Our specialist technicians are expertly trained, and use only the latest, hi-tech equipment, and make sure the foam is sprayed equally and effectively across the relevant surface.

When applied our talented technicians, spray foam insulation comes with a 25-year guarantee. The product won’t age, sag or deteriorate over time, so is a long-term insulation solution when correctly installed.


Spray foam insulation is an industrial foam created by combining a chemical mixture and water in equal parts, through a specialist spray mechanism.

The foam expands to fill the space around it, before drying completely, and forming a barrier between the cold and moisture on one side, and the warm interior of the property.

Spray foam is the most effective insulation product available on the market, as it is entirely water tight and air resistant, creating a sufficient thermal block, to keeping cool currents out. This helps to maintain a comfortable environment within the property, without the continuous need for heating and cooling.


Even if an existing insulation product is in place, spray foam insulation can be inserted either to complement the existing solution or to replace it. Our talented team of technicians can remove an existing product, and replace it with the newer product if required.

Spray foam can be installed within properties of all types and ages – they need not be a new build. It is ideal to have the product installed before the weather becomes cooler, but can be booked through Autumn and Winter also, and will provide immediate relief against the elements once in place.

Having spray foam insulation installed is a great idea before a property is placed onto the market, or put up for rent, as it will increase the energy efficiency and grade higher on a UK Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

Problems with Foam Insulation


We will survey any property free of charge, and provide a comprehensive assessment of your home, to determine its suitability for the installation of spray foam!


Spray foam insulation can be sprayed onto surfaces or injected into cavities. Most commonly, spray foam is sprayed directly between roof rafters and walls in loft and attic spaces, but can also be sprayed onto walls elsewhere in the home before being covered as desired by the owner.

Crawl spaces under floors can often benefit greatly from spray foam insulation being installed – not always for temperature purposes, but also to combat damp and moisture rising through.


There are a great many benefits to having spray foam insulation installed within a home. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Lower energy bills due to less energy usage – existing customers with spray foam insulation installed in their home report saving up to 40% on their heating bills
  • Fast financial return on investment – the average saving on heating bills allows for the initial financial investment of spray foam insulation installation to be paid back within just three years
  • No risk of damp or mould – as spray foam insulation does not deteriorate over time and is completely air tight; it will not allow damp to settle, or mould to grow. This saves on costly and disruptive repairs and maintenance. They’re just not possible problems with foam insulation!
  • A barrier to pests – there are no gaps between panels or rolls with spray foam insulation, unlike traditional insulation products. This leaves no space for unwanted pests, such as mice, rice or termites to enter the property through
  • Increased air quality – containing no toxins, spray foam insulation will never release any airborne pollutants or allergens into the air, instead promoting a healthy quality of air within the property.


We will survey any property free of charge, and provide a comprehensive assessment of your home, to determine its suitability for the installation of spray foam.

All of our installers are more than happy to offer as much expert advice and information you need to make an informed and considered decision.

Ready to take the next step? Enlist the help of the spray foam experts today by calling 0800 1700 636, or, alternatively, by simply clicking the button below!