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Problems With Shared Driveways: How To Prevent Them

problems with shared driveways

There was a time when most homeowners would have their own driveways that accessed their own property. However, in recent years, there has been an increase in infill housing, where gardens are sold off to create more housing plots.

In many cases, this means that the driveway becomes shared, and is used by two or even more properties. While this works well in most cases, the issue of driveway maintenance can cause a real headache.

Who is responsible for maintenance, what if no one can agree on the right solution for the driveway, and what if there is a dispute?

There are generally two types of shared driveway. One is a clear cut shared piece of land that is owned by all users equally. The other is a private access road that may be owned by one person, but is allowed to be used by anyone who needs access.

In most cases, the rights and responsibilities of the owners of all properties regarding the shared driveway will be set out in the title documents, however, there are certain areas that are covered by Common Law.

These state that the driveway should be used reasonably – allowing access for all users. Simply put, this means that if you share your driveway, you should ensure that you always leave access room for anyone else who uses it.

Shared Driveway Disputes: 5 Top Tips To Prevent Them

A problem that comes up time and again for owners of shared driveways is disputes with neighbours over the use and maintenance of the shared space.

It can be very difficult to come to an agreement over a driveway that has been used by one party more than the other or is more on one property than another.

The legal system often recommends getting a contract put in place to make it clear what the rights and responsibilities are when it comes to the use of your shared driveway. But it is sensible to follow these rules:

● Never block or allow your visitors to block the shared driveway, and make it impossible for your neighbour to use it.
● If you wish to install a gate, wall or fence anywhere along the perimeter or at either end of the shared driveway, you should gain permission from your neighbour.
● Try not to damage the driveway by allowing your car to leak on it, or by driving in such a way that it become damaged.
● Always talk sensibly with your neighbours about the use of the driveway.
● Think about putting together a fund for the future maintenance or replacement of the driveway.

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problems with shared driveways

Shared Driveway Design Issues: How A Redesign Can Resolve Things

While there are all kinds of reasons why a driveway might cause a dispute, the actual design may be an issue on its own; and one that can be fixed with the right redesign.

Where a single driveway runs between two houses, the front gardens can be paved to allow each neighbour to park on their own property.

Simple widening, repaving, paving over borders and creating turning circles can all make the driveway more usable for everyone, and fix some of the problems that cause disputes.

Shared Driveway Maintenance: Rules And Regulations

One of the big issues with shared driveways is the fact that they are used more heavily than a single driveway would be. With 2, 3 or even 4 households all using the same piece of land, the driveway can soon become pitted, potholed and ruined.

This means that sooner or later it is going to need to be repaired and need ongoing maintenance.

There are a number of steps that you should go through when you want to repair a shared driveway to avoid the many problems and disputes that can arise.

● The first step is to look on the title deeds of the homes to discover who is responsible for the maintenance. If this is not clear, it may be possible to come up with an arrangement that suits all users, and is a fair solution of payment. Usually this is an equal split of any costs.
● The driveway should then be inspected by a surveyor to decide on how best to make the repairs, and what the extent of those repairs should be.
● Then the shared driveway owners should get a quote from driveway companies to enable them to decide on the best course of action.

It is important that consent is gained from all parties at every stage, and that all homeowners are able to meet the costs. Clearly choosing the right types of driveway surface is essential here.

In terms of initial costs and ongoing maintenance, making the right choice of driveway contractor is critical to the long-term success of the project.

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problems with shared driveways

How Your Contractor Can Alleviate Shared Driveway Problems

Choosing the right driveway contractor to improve your driveway should always be a shared decision and based on the needs of everyone in the group.

There are a number of ways a good contractor can work with all neighbours to find a solution that meets all needs:

● They can provide a quote that is reasonable, and is based on the paved areas and where they are – for example, if one household is getting more new driveway area, they will pay more.
● The contractor should be willing to discuss the issues and requirements with everyone in the group, and not deal with just one person.
● The contractor should be experienced in delivering a high quality driveway that will last – reducing the need to replace it in the future.

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problems with shared driveways

Shared Driveways: Selecting The Surface

There are so many driveway surfaces that can be chosen for a shared driveway, but it is important that the choice meets the needs of everyone concerned:

● It should be hard wearing and long lasting so that the driveway does not need to be replaced in the near future.
● It should be attractive so that it looks good and improves the way that all of the homes using it look. This will improve the value of all of the homes too.
● It should balance the budget of the group with the need for high quality.
● It should be quickly laid and able to be used within hours to prevent any disruption for any of the houses.

Resin bound driveways fit all of the above criteria, and are an excellent option for shared driveways of all kinds. Resin bound material comprises of a resin and gravel mix, that is trowelled onto a prepared surface.

The result is a strong and permeable layer that is extremely hard wearing, and perfect for the demands of a shared driveway. It can be laid within one day (once the preparation is done), and can be driven over within a few hours. All shared driveway users will be able to park their cars as normal.

Problems With Shared Driveways: How Resin Resolves Them For Good!

Resin bound driveways come in a variety of gravel types and therefore colours. This gives groups of neighbours the chance to agree on a look that will complement all of the homes using it. Best of all, these driveways will last many years, and will need very little maintenance.

An occasional hose down or jet wash will be all that is required. The driveway can also be easily designed to accommodate turning areas, borders, planted areas and much more. The contractor will be able to design something that fits everyone’s needs.

Shared driveways may seem scary, and many home buyers avoid them – but with the right legal preparation, a friendly and communicative bunch of neighbours, the right contractor, and, of course, the right driveway choice, your shared driveway problems can be a thing of the past.

Seeking a shared driveway surface that takes your neighbours needs into account? Resin bound material offers a multi-purpose solution that stands the test of time. Take the first step to a creating a stunning shared driveway today, by simply clicking the button below or by calling 0800 1700 636!

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