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A Lean-To Conservatory is probably the most popular style of room in England & Wales, probably due to the flexibility of the design in terms of its simplicity and ability to fit almost anywhere.

They are most often seen in rectangular floor plans with flat plane sides and a single angled sloping roof section. To lower costs and to save weight loading, poly-carbonate panels can be used in the roof sections and is now available in tinted shades such as Opal & Bronze.


In general you will find two designs. The first will be “all glazed”, the second features panels or brickwork, such as “dwarf-walls” Using any type of solid brick or block-work, however, will raise the overall construction cost of the room.

  • BS7950 approved 
  • PAS23/24 security standards 
  • A-Rating efficiency 
  • U-Value 1.6 W/m2K
  • Comply with Part L building regulations 
  • U-Value Triple glazed 0.8 W/m2K Passivhaus 
  • Sculptured profiles
  • A highly cost-effective choice, making it ideal for those on a budget
  • Perfect for properties with restricted space, due to its cleverly compact structure
  • Can be adapted to suit a variety of different purposes
  • Minimal maintenance required to keep them clean
  • Low-pitched roof ensures the design accommodates awkward spaces
  • Provides maximum space, for minimal outlay
  • Crisp, clean lines create a classy, contemporary look
  • Often repurposed as a sunroom, or as a place to grow plants in
  • Multiple glass panels create a light and airy environment inside
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The two operators arrived on the agreed day, a little late admittedly but that was understandable as they had traveled from Manchester to my home in rural Lincolnshire at the start of the evening rush hour. The actual work took about two hours, be prepared for the noise of the large generator it was very loud. After the work was completed I was encouraged to inspect what had been done and everything explained clearly. All in all a very clean and tidy job absolutely no complsints/
Derek Wiles
I have found this company to be extremely honest and efficient.The price we were quoted was the price that we paid. No hidden charges.From the sales team, customer service and the installation crew everything has been superb!Our roof space is now clean and tidy with no dirty and dusty lagging on the floor. 3 of our grandchildren have asthma so hopefully this should help cut down the irritants in the air when they come to stay.Just standing in the loft I can hear a marked reduction in the amount of noise from the road outside. The spray foam between the rafters is reflecting back the light and giving us about 4 times the brightness up there with the same bulb.I can't comment on the energy saving as yet as the job has only just been completed.The guys who installed it were great. The stairs and landing were well covered, and they cleaned up thoroughly after they finished.Congratulations to Home Logics. Finally a company that can put together a competent service from start to finish.A rare thing it seems these days.Well done all.Would definitely recommend to friends and family, in fact, I already have!
Gary Henderson-Brown
The weather was terrible and the snow arrived. The two men worked against the odds! In the end they had no option but to down tools. Once the weather easy and work could resume, they were back. Our home is much warmer. Pleased with the result
Suzanne Hopper
We were kept informed of progress, times and dates of installation. The crew arrive ready to work and fully explained everything. They were quick, clean and polite at all times. They left after cleaning up thoroughly.The effect is that the house seems warm without the central working so hard although the weather has not been bad and it has not yet had a chance to prove itself.So far I would definitely recommend it for others to installP.A.Bristow
Peter Bristow
I had icynene insulation installed last week. The workmen were very friendly and polite. It took about 4hours because they had to remove a lot of old insulation. I was pleased with the results and look forward to damp free bedrooms and smaller energy bills.