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Crawl Space Underfloor Spray Foam Insulation

Logicfoam LF-205 Open Cell expands completely filling all cavities and voids eliminates air leakage and infiltration. The Logicfoam Insulation system is the most suitable form of insulation for your existing  and new build structures. Logicfoam is suited for homes that have numerous difficult areas to insulate and air seal, such as 1.5 storey and dormer style homes. Conventional insulation will not provide the same level of performance in these particular situations and crucially will not provide the high level of air tightness delivered by Logicfoam Open Cell LF-205

  • Logicfoam LF-205
  • Open cell soft foam
  • 100mm-400mm
  • Thermal conductivity 0.037 W/mK < 80mm thickness
  • Light Density
  • KIWA BDA BAR-18-048-P-A-UK
  • Air tightness 
  • Proven noise reduction 
  • Complies with sustainable homes scheme
  • Structural Benefits
  • Compliant airborne sound insulation
  • Same day install 
  • Vapour barrier 
  • 25 Year Manufacturer Warranty
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