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ProPerla Masonry Cream Reviews: How To Choose A Contractor

ProPerla Masonry Cream Reviews

ProPerla masonry cream is proving to be a big hit throughout the UK. There are good reasons for its success, but what are the ProPerla masonry cream reviews saying? Does ProPerla live up to the hype? What exactly is ProPerla and how does it work?

Read on and learn more about ProPerla masonry cream reviews and why a contractor’s credentials matter!

What is ProPerla?

ProPerla is a hydrophobic coating, which basically means it’s a water repellent type of paint that is applied to the masonry of the home.

This form of coating is used to insulate the home and works especially well when combined with cavity wall insulation to provide the home with an improved insulation performance by around 50%. This is an impressive technology that is easy to apply and effective for years.

Different Types of Hydrophobic Coating

Before you invest in ProPerla it’s important to know what the options are. There are several types of coating, each one has it’s benefits and job to do. The options include:

  • Façade coating for the façade of the property
  • Masonry crème that works to insulate the bricks but also works with other porous materials used in construction
  • Damp proof course to protect against rising damp
  • Metal façade coating for metal facades, ideal for industrial properties
  • Roof coating to protect against weather conditions
  • Water repellent for mineral surfaces such as stone, slate and terracotta
  • Heat reflective to reflect the infrared radiation
  • Paving impregnator ideal for paving stones and concrete
  • Wood impregnator for wooden surfaces

There are plenty of options out there, ensuring you can find the ideal solution for your property. They all have the benefits of being water repellent and the application process is easy; however, it does need to be applied correctly in order for you to reap the benefits on offer.

ProPerla Masonry Cream Reviews

Rest assured, ProPerla is EN ISO 15148:2002 tested and certified along with EN 15824:2009 tested and certified. The product is going to protect your masonry and improve the thermal insulation of your home

ProPerla’s Proven Performance

While ProPerla technology and design might seem revolutionary, saline resin has been available for over 25 years. Combining saline resin technology with the latest knowledge, expertise and tech results in an impressive insulator with proven results.

The coating insulates the property by stopping water from penetrating the surface. Dry masonry improves the thermal properties of the home, reducing the growth of mould and mildew and eliminating problems with damp and other expensive issues caused by moisture and water build up inside the home.

Premium Property Protection

There are other benefits of choosing ProPerla. The coating is breathable, which means air and moisture can pass through. This might not sound like good news, but it is. The property can breathe and therefore the masonry has improved thermal and insulation properties.

Furthermore, the hydrophobic coating is self-cleaning. Your masonry will remain clean and attractive for years, regardless of the weather conditions. The coating will last up to 20 years, so there’s no need to worry about maintenance. Your home will look at its best for years.

Choosing A Contractor: ALWAYS Check Their Credentials

The ProPerla masonry cream reviews are positive, which is great news for the product. What you really need to pay close attention to are the contractor’s credentials.

Can the contractor be trusted to apply the correct product, to offer an accurate surface and perform the application process correctly.

A Trustworthy Team To Rely On

It’s important to research the contractors. The last thing you want is a bad application or someone claiming to use the product actually using a lesser coating.

Home Logic is a trusted insulation expert with years of experience providing insulation services to their customers. The reviews speak for themselves, you can read them for yourself on TrustPilot to learn more about the service provided. Home Logic are trusted contractors offering ProPerla insulation in the UK.

Home Logic – Advocates of ProPerla

The benefits of using ProPerla in combination with cavity wall insulation are outstanding. The energy bills for the property will be significantly reduced and the property insulated for up to 2 decades.

The coating can save you money, reduce the amount of energy you spend on heating and cooling your home, and keep your property looking at its best, without you having to even lift a finger.

Find out more about the benefits of choosing ProPerla for your home and discover why Home Logic are the perfect contractors for the job. Call 0800 1700 636 and request a free quote or a free site survey. Alternatively, simply click the button below to start weatherproofing your property today!