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Pros And Cons Of Crack Sealing Masonry Paint

Pros And Cons Of Crack Sealing Masonry Paint

Painting the exterior of your home is a big job and one that you’re not going to want to be doing very often. However, the time always comes when you can’t put the task off any longer.

A smooth surface is a wonder to paint, but a surface covered in cracks and blemishes can be incredibly challenging. It makes sense then, that you want to minimise the work as much as possible.

There are a couple of products on the market that have made this a possibility. One such product is an elastomeric coating – a paint designed to cover cracks and improve the appearance of your home.

This latex-based paint sounds like a wonder-product, but is it everything that it’s cracked up to be?

Let’s look at the importance of crack repair and explore the pros and cons of crack sealing masonry paint…

Why Are Cracks on a Wall Such a Big Problem?

Cracks range from large to small, with hairline cracks being very common. Many of these cracks are just cosmetically damaging and won’t harm the structure of your home in any major way.

The problem comes when either, large cracks start appearing or the hairline cracks aren’t sealed. A hairline crack is the perfect area for rain to seep into the brickwork.

When that water turns into ice, then the crack will start to get bigger. Even if the water doesn’t turn to ice, the insulation behind the wall can start to become damp.

Dampness can reduce the effectiveness of the insulation and cause your home to lose more heat, which won’t help you to reduce your heating costs.

The cracks also make the ideal place for moss and mould to settle, ruining the exterior look of your property even more.

It goes without saying then, that sealing these cracks is of the upmost importance. But is crack sealing paint the right product for the job?

Pros And Cons Of Crack Sealing Masonry Paint

From providing a waterproof layer of protection, to covering hairline cracks in walls, crack sealing masonry paint offers a wide range of benefits

Crack Sealing Masonry Paint: The Pros

  • The paint is capable of covering most hairline cracks in a wall.
  • Can be applied without help from a professional painter.
  • The coating provides a waterproof layer of protection.
  • The paint can be purchased in most DIY stores.
  • There are multiple brands of elastomeric paint to choose from.
  • It takes less time to prepare and paint exterior walls than if cracks were being repaired.

Pros And Cons Of Crack Sealing Masonry Paint

Although more expensive than other exterior paints, crack sealing masonry paint has a lot to offer if applied by an experienced installer

Crack Sealing Masonry Paint: The Cons

  • The paint can cause problems with wall breathability, hindering the movement of water vapour and air.
  • The coating must be applied thickly to cover all cracks.
  • Painting over the cracks doesn’t fix the underlying problem of why the cracks appeared.
  • Can cause existing issues with exterior walls to become worse.
  • Is more expensive that some types of exterior paint.
  • Requires all surface contaminants to be removed before painting begins.
  • Is prone to peeling if the right drying conditions are not met.
  • Lumps are a common problem if the paint isn’t applied properly.

Pros And Cons Of Crack Sealing Masonry Paint

At Home Logic, we make sure that walls are inspected and repaired properly before covering them with a high-quality ProPERLA coating. We clean the wall, repair all cracks, fix the render, and apply a primer coat – all as standard.

Crack Repair Before Painting… The Ultimate Solution

Crack sealing masonry paint certainly has some great pros, but the cons are a potential worry, especially when it comes to the breathability of the walls. There’s also the issue of the cracks being covered up, with nothing done to address the problems in the wall.

If your exterior walls are covered in blemishes, then there is another solution… crack repair.

It’s always better to repair damage than to cover it up. This will make sure that your exterior walls are in good condition before you start painting.

One process that tackles the problems of cracks head-on is the application of a professional wall coating.

At Home Logic, we make sure that walls are inspected and repaired properly before covering them with a high-quality ProPERLA coating. We clean the wall, repair all cracks, fix the render, and apply a primer coat – all as standard.

This ensures that the walls are nothing less than perfect before the coating goes on, which in itself, offers some remarkable benefits. The product reduces water absorption by more than 95%, is self-cleaning, and allows your walls to breath!

Home Logic – High-Quality Exterior Wall Protection

The risk with crack sealing masonry paint is that you’re potentially leaving big problems unnoticed, and with the unusual consistency of the paint, risking a less than perfect finish.

With a wall coating applied by Home Logic, you’re guaranteed a stunning finish with no worries over problems going unnoticed or issues of breathability arising.

Interested in a professional wall coating for your home? Call our friendly team today on 0800 1700 636, or, alternatively, simply click the button below to get started!