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Recycled Asphalt Driveways Problems And Prevention

recycled asphalt driveways problems

Choosing to invest in an eco-friendly product for your property is a wonderful way to increase the value and look of your home, whilst ensuring a lower environmental impact.

However, some eco-friendly products could end up being more problematic than beneficial.

In recent years, there has been a substantial push to renovate our homes in an eco-friendly way.

From investing in the best home insulation materials for reduced energy consumption, to choosing reclaimed and recycled materials over new ones, there are plenty of ways to be friendlier to the environment, without compromising on quality.

Most eco-friendly products are fantastic, but others introduce some unique problems that you may not have been expecting. One of these products is recycled asphalt, with its own unique set of recycled asphalt driveways problems, as the following article reveals…

Top 5 Problems with Recycled Asphalt

A recycled asphalt driveway comprises of a proportion of reclaimed asphalt that is mixed with new asphalt. The seemingly eco-friendly product has been the cause of some serious and unappealing recycled asphalt driveways problems for many homeowners.

Each driveway is very different, but the top 5 recycled asphalt driveways problems that are plaguing UK homeowners, are:

Problem One: Poor Performance in Cold Temperatures

Asphalt is already quite well known for it’s problems with cracking, but this problem is especially a concern with recycled asphalt.

When more than a quarter of reclaimed asphalt is used in a mix, the risk of cracked recycled asphalt driveways problems occurring is increased

Problem Two: No Quality Assurance

Using recycled asphalt is taking a gamble with quality. Often, there is no information provided over where the asphalt has been sourced.

This means that the recycled asphalt used on your driveway could be compromised and a lower quality than even the driveway next door.

Problem Three: Unsure Mixing Guidelines

While there are guidelines for the correct mixing of recycled asphalt with new asphalt, there is no guarantee you will get a quality mix.

Higher levels of recycled asphalt in the mix can lead to more recycled asphalt driveways problems.

Problem Four: Discoloration of the Asphalt

Many people choose asphalt for its sleek finish; something that is unlikely to happen when recycled asphalt is included in the mix. Recycled asphalt is prone is discolouration over time, due to a combination of the elements and use.

The resulting finish could become more marbled in appearance than sleek and attractive.

Problem Five: Higher Level of Maintenance

Generally, asphalt is not considered to be the highest maintenance driveway type, but with recycled asphalt, this is different.

Recycled asphalt often requires additional maintenance to stop clogging from occurring.

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recycled asphalt driveways problems

Resin Surfacing: The Best Eco-Friendly Alternative to Asphalt

Thankfully, asphalt isn’t the only eco-friendly driveway option available to UK residents. If you want to ensure that you get a beautiful driveway, with a high-quality finish guaranteed, a resin bound driveway is one of your best options.

Just like an asphalt driveway, a resin bound driveway contains recycled materials, but without risk of any of the recycled asphalt driveways problems occurring.

Constructed using a clear resin, mixed with a recycled stone of your choice, from a vast selection of different colours and types, a resin driveway is highly resistant to all forms of damage.

From high temperatures to low temperatures, and rain to sunshine, a resin driveway will continue to perform exceptionally, without any worry over cracking or discoloration to the smooth surfaces.

By knowing exactly what you are getting with resin, the highest quality is assured, so you’ll always have a peace of mind that your driveway is not going to let you down.

Resin Bound Driveways: A Problem-Free Driveway

It can be very disheartening investing in a new driveway that promises a range of tangible benefits, only to find that it fares far less well in practice than you were initially led to believe.

After paying out for a beautiful driveway, you want it to stand the test of time-which is exactly what a resin bound surface will provide.

By combining the environmental benefits of using recycled materials, with an unwavering guarantee of excellent performance all year round, resin is quickly becoming a must have product when it comes to driveway excellence.

Previous Home Logic customers, are testament to the longevity that a resin driveway offers over the alternative materials, like recycled asphalt driveways.

At Home Logic, we fully believe in all the eco-friendly products and energy-saving home improvements that we offer to UK residents. From spray foam insulation to resin bound driveways, we are always on hand to help you transform your home.

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