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Reducing Heat Loss Through Windows: The Facts

reducing heat loss through windows

A poorly performing home can quickly drain your resources, leaving you to fork out for energy bills that are higher than expected. If you are relying on single-pane windows, or your home is over 20 years old, reducing heat loss through windows may seem a distant dream.

While D.I.Y draughtproofing measures abound, these are simply short-term solutions to a permanent, long-term problem.

So how can you maintain your home at an ambient temperature inside? Are there any failproof solutions for keeping you comfortable all year round?

With the above in mind, we explore the relationship between double glazing and heat loss, including how it works, the science behind its success, and other less obvious advantages to upgrading your windows and doors...

Why is Heat Loss Such a Problem in UK Homes?

Prior to 1980, insulation in UK homes was generally non-existent. If insulation was installed at all, the thickness was woefully inadequate.

Over time, these thin layers of insulation lose their initial efficacy, with gaps appearing between fibres. Contrary to popular belief, double glazing is also a modern invention.

The majority of older homes tend to feature single glazing, which provides a questionable amount of protection when the Winter starts to set in.

Despite their light and inviting appearance, single glazed windows and doors are ineffectual for retaining heat, enabling warm air to escape unabated.

If you have minimal loft insulation in place, heat can rise through your roof as well, leaving you with a cold, uncomfortable home that is eye-wateringly costly to heat.

How Can Double Glazing Combat Issues with Heat Loss?

For sure! Although cranking up the thermostat heats your home, and keeps it comfortably cosy, this comes at the expense of your energy bills.

However, as the old adage goes, prevention is better than cure. Through installing double glazed windows, you can reduce the rate of heat transfer, helping your interior stay warm for longer.

As a guide, the majority of double-glazed windows boast a U-value of 3 on average, making them perfect for retaining heat in the chillier months of the year. So, how does double glazing work in practice?

Unlike single glazing, double glazing features two panes of glass within a thermally efficient frame. During the manufacturing process, these panes are pressed together, forming a supporting air gap between them.

This little "pocket" of air is the secret behind their success, providing a protective, airtight barrier that keeps heat locked inside.

To further support these efforts, you can insulate the framework as well to achieve the best results. If your property is exposed to the elements, you can opt for low-emissivity glass to limit heat loss. 

What`s the Association Between Windows and EPC Ratings?

While it sounds like a secret code, the EPC rating scale simply highlights the performance of homes.

As part of the audit process, windows are rated on a standardised scale for their overall thermal performance.

Put simply, the higher the letter, the better they heat your home, with ratings of A or A+ associated with lower bills overall.

Devised by the British Fenestration Ratings Council, (BFRC), these standards help prospective buyers gain an overview of homes at viewings, and whether they are good value for money.

This system of classification helps you assess the efficiency of your home, and whether adjustments are required to prevent heat from escaping.

Are There Any Additional Advantages to Upgrading my Windows and Doors?

How long have you got?! From curbing cold spots to muting external sounds, replacing your existing windows puts comfort at the top of the agenda.

Far from a one-trick pony, double glazing is the gift that keeps on giving, making it the perfect property investment.

Alongside the thermal benefits, there are several further advantages to upgrading your windows and doors: 

Improves Resale Value:

Thinking of selling your home? Updating your existing glazing can increase its appeal to buyers, adding a fresh lease of life to your exterior that entices the eye inside.

Protects Your Property From the Elements:

In addition to halting heat loss, double glazed windows and doors fare well in all types of weather. This reduces the cost of repairs after adverse weather events.

Secures Your Home From Intruders:

If your windows show signs of weakness, opportunistic burglars and intruders may try to get inside.

With double glazing installed, you can rest assured that your property is safe from prying eyes, and sneaky thieves in the area.

Halt heat loss the easy way with the help of Home Logic. With a range of windows to choose from, our expert installers and glaziers can talk you through your options, and how they perform in practice.

Take the first step to reclaiming your comfort today by simply calling 0800 1700 636!