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Replacement Windows

Have you thought about replacing your existing single pane windows? Then double glazing is a wonderful investment that will improve both the appearance and energy efficiency of your home. Many homeowners find that after having double glazing installed into their property, there has been a noticeable difference in their energy bills.

At Home Logic, we use highly trained staff who can install double glazing replacement windows on a wide range of properties.

Why replace your windows with A Rated double glazing?

Replacing your windows with double glazing windows will present your property with a huge array of benefits.

Installing double glazing replacement windows in your home will help to reduce heat loss. The double layer of glass and gas will also help to reduce noise.

Benefits of Replacement Windows

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Replacement Windows Double Glazing
Replacement Windows Triple Glazing more secure

More secure

Single pane windows are a dream for home invaders or burglars as they are extremely easy to break, and the unit can come away easily. In comparison, double glazing windows are far stronger and will provide more security for your home. At Home Logic, we will install new and highly secure frames for all double glazing windows. A key feature of our windows is an internal beading system that helps averts burglars gaining access to your property.

Replacement Windows Triple Glazing Energy Savings

Energy savings

With the rising costs of utility bills increasing every year, it is important for homeowners to ensure that they make sure property is not losing out expensive heat. It is widely acknowledged that double glazed windows will make your home more energy efficient and help to reduce heat loss in the property. As a result, it will cost less to heat your home as you will use be using less energy, and this will coincide with a reduction in your bills.

Replacement Windows Triple Glazing Low Maintenance

Low maintenance

All double glazing windows we install are relatively low maintenance and are easy to clean. Unlike single pane windows with flaking paints, you will be able to swiftly clean your double windows in no time. Additionally, by having double glazing in your home condensation will be significantly reduced, and this will have a beneficial impact on your home.

Replacement Windows Triple Glazing Noise Reduction

Reduction in noise

For customers who live in noisy areas such as those close to schools or busy roads, double glazing windows are a great option as it will help to reduce noise by a significant percentage.

Double Glazing Manufacturing Facilities


Every double glazing window we supply our customers has been manufactured by Liniar who have a state-of-the-art factory located right here in the U.K.

Products manufactured by Liniar have gained a reputation for being both energy efficient and durable. All windows are produced to the highest standards and have revolutionised the double glazing industry.

Every replacement double glazing window will feature internal beading that helps prevents unlawful entry.

Windows feature a multi-chambered profile which contributes to the durability and energy efficiency of your windows.

How do A Rated Windows work?


Double glazing windows are formed of two panels of glass that are separated by a narrow vacuum layer of Argon Gas. The combination of the narrow layer of glass and the Argon Gas helps to make the double glazing effective as it prevents the transfer of heat. Argon is an inert gas which means that it is a safe gas for use in the home and more; another key benefit of argon is that it is a poor conductor of heat which can only benefit your property.

Replacement Windows Double Glazed Windows Profile

Types of Windows


At Home Logic, we will install casement double glazing windows into your property. Casement windows are an extremely versatile option that suits a wide range of properties. The sleek and slim lines that characterise casement windows allow for a maximum amount of sunshine into your property. Every double glazing window we install will be A rated in terms of energy efficiency.

We provide windows in rosewood, light oak white and more colours upon your request. All of our windows can be backed onto white if desired.