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Driveways & Resin Surfacing

Resin Bond Overlay Driveways: What Do They Offer?

Resin Bond Overlay Driveways

Having a driveway can be a wonderful asset to your home, not only making your home more appealing to potential buyers, but making it much more practical for your own lifestyle as well.

However, choosing the right driveway means all the difference between creating a practical space, and turning the front of your home into an eye-sore.

The use of driveways is expanding, making them a unique form of home improvement that can really add value to your home.

Resin bound driveways are one of the best home improvements that you can invest in. They are durable, long-lasting, easy to maintain, and importantly, incredibly appealing.

Just like any type of home improvement, with resin driveways you have more than one option open to you, and not just appearance-wise.

Where you have an existing driveway that is structurally sound, but lacking in appeal, resin bond overlay driveways are the ideal choice. Allowing you to transform your drive without having to pay out for a completely new foundation, resin bond overlay driveways can be the best of both worlds.

But what exactly are resin bond overlay driveways, and is your home suitable for one? It’s time to find out…

How Does Resin Bond Overlay Driveways Work?

Resin is a rather unique form of driveway material, offering extensive choice and benefits to a property. What makes it so unique is the process in which it is created and laid, setting it apart from the other, more traditional materials available on the market.

Resin driveways consist of a mixture of clear resin, recycled stones or marble, and a natural aggregate. Laid onto a strong and sturdy base, the mixture sets to create a durable, smooth, and highly appealing finish.

When looking at resin bond overlay driveways, in particular, this means laying the resin mixture over a driveway that has already been installed. The resin bonds with the old surface, creating a brand-new layer on top, that will completely transform the look for the better.

By choosing resin bond overlay driveways, you can seriously cut the costs of a new drive, without compromising on appearance, quality, or performance.

Resin Bond Overlay Driveways

Along with our other exceptional home improvement services, like our energy-saving wall coatings, we take great pride in the high-quality of our resin, and ensure that your driveway is professionally installed from the outset!

Why Is A Driveway Upgrade A Popular Choice For Property Owners?

There are many things to consider before investing in a new driveway, whether it is resin-based or a different material. However, one of the most important aspects of a product that should be considered, are the benefits.

Full resin bound driveways and resin bond overlay driveways, both have an extensive list of benefits that really make them stand-out from the crowd, including:

• Customisable: No matter the style of your home, there will be a resin driveway type that fits its needs. A big benefit of overlay driveways is the ease in which they can be transformed with one of the stone colours of your choice.

• Durable: An essential for a high-performing driveway, resin is a hard-wearing driveway material that is built to last. Resin will handle the weight of your vehicles and daily footfall with ease.

• Minimal Maintenance: Low maintenance from day one, resin is not easily compromised. It is easy to keep clean, doesn’t crack, or come loose for that matter; a benefit that many previous resin driveway customers are enjoying extensively.

• Water Resistant: No matter the weather, puddles won’t be a problem with the smooth finish of a resin driveway, ensuring you driveway stays looking perfect all year round.

• Stunningly Smooth Finish: Perhaps the biggest benefit of upgrading your drive with a resin overlay, is the finish. The ability to transform tired concrete and plain tarmac into a stunning focal point of your home is a guarantee with resin.

Resin Surfacing: A Driveway Tailored To Your Needs

Your driveway says a lot about your home – the first impression of your home that you give to visitors, friends, and family. Tailoring your driveway to your family’s needs is a great way to make the space more practical, and much more welcoming.

Thankfully, with resin overlay driveways, this is easy to achieve, and much more affordable than investing in a brand-new driveway for your home.

Our team at Home Logic, have been helping UK homeowners to upgrade their drives for many years, bringing the benefits of resin to customers all over the UK.

Along with our other exceptional home improvement services, like our energy-saving wall coatings, we take great pride in the high-quality of our resin.

For more information about our revolutionary resin overlays, you can contact us at any time, by calling 0800 1700 636, or by simply clicking the button below!