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Resin Bound Drive

Resin Bonded Surfaces For Play Area

Need a soft surface for play area? – Resin bonded surface may be what you are looking for.

If you need a soft surface for a play area, resin bond may be what you are looking for. Increasingly we are seeing new uses for Resin Bonded surfaces.

Resin surfaces are used In many different commercial applications but especially in shopping centre play areas. They provide maintenance free, stylish focal points. The availability of so many different aggregates and colours for resin bond surfaces ensures that the popularity of this method continues to grow among developers.

Need a soft surface for play area at school or in a council playground?

Very popular today are resin bonded rubber shred surfaces which increasingly are being used in children’s playgrounds and play areas. They are available in dozens of bright colours and their proven safety makes them ideal for the purpose. Further, its resin bonded surfaces can be made flat and permeable which allows water to drain away thereby reducing puddles.

The critical fall height of the product is tested to the requirements of EN1177 (2008) on a concrete base. When installed on a softer base such as soil, it is possible to achieve greater fall heights with lesser thickness. This resin bond safety surface is not only attractive but is environmentally friendly and a proven safe product for many different applications.

Benefits of resin bonded play areas

Resin bonded gravel is another material considered perfect material for playground surfacing for a variety of reasons among which are –

  • The product can be applied to a number of different surfaces.
  • Fixed resin bond gravel is extremely hard wearing.
  • Highly resistant to all the elements.
  • Very low maintenance requiring only sweeping and occasional pressure washing.

Health and safety benefits show resin bonded gravel to have excellent slip proof characteristics.

Resin bonded rubber bark

Another excellent resin bonded product is Bonded rubber bark which was developed specially for use in playgrounds. The rubber
is obtained from industrial and commercial tyres and then shredded so as to produce a product looking like bark. This is then encapsulated in a PU polymer which gives it a natural appearance.

Finally the rubber is mixed with a resin bond, levelled, rolled and laid at a thickness of 50mm on a geotextile membrane. This type of product is probably the most used when it comes to the protection of children in playgrounds.


If you need a soft surface for play area call the UK acknowledged experts at Home Logic Driveways, We have a wealth of experience in resin bonded surfaces and can advise on the best solution for your soft play area.