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Driveways & Resin Surfacing

Resin Driveway Cost Calculator: How Can I Keep In Budget?


The first impression that people get when they arrive at your home will almost certainly be influenced by the condition of your driveway. If your drive is old, cracked, bumpy or muddy, you won’t be setting a great example for the rest of the street.

However, if you choose one of the new resin-based driveways, you could have the best house frontage in the neighbourhood; and you could even improve the value of your home while you're at it.

The main consideration when deciding on a new driveway will be cost. Needless to say, some materials are far more expensive than others.

In recent years, the relative cost of a resin driveway has come down as more people enter the industry, competition has improved, and the cost of the required materials has decreased.

This has meant that for most people, it is a highly affordable option-especially when you take its long-term longevity into account. Having said that, you would still want to check and see how much it will be, and a resin driveway cost calculator is a great way to work out the best way to keep in budget, as the following article reveals…

Resin Driveways: The Basics

There are two main types of resin driveway: bonded and bound.

Resin bonded driveways are laid by spreading a layer of resin over an existing or newly laid base, and scattering stone over this. Another layer of resin sets the stone in place. In some cases, the stones are pre-coated in resin, so that they stick more readily to the base.

This driveway type is rougher, and looks more like a gravel driveway.

In contrast, resin bound driveways use a pre-made mixture of resin and stone, which is mixed in a special concrete mixer. This is then trowelled into place by hand. The second option is usually more expensive, but will last longer, and have fewer issues because it is substantially thicker, and far more hard-wearing.

The result is a smoother driveway, that is even and flat, with a flawlessly functional finish. Some people have described this as slippery, but, once again, this all depends on the type of aggregate used in construction-as well as the credentials of your chosen contractor.

One standout benefit of this surfacing type is that unlike other options, which can be limited in both scope and design, resin can be customised to your individual requirements and needs.

Unsteady on your feet? Anti-slip options are easily available. South facing driveway with blindingly bright sun glare? UV resistant resin will ensure the aesthetics remain fully intact-with no subsequent frustrations with fading.

Is there nothing resin can't solve?! Well, it can't quite change inclement weather-but it can ensure that such conditions don't interfere with the integrity of your driveway. As a fully SUDs compliant material, resin bound material is perfectly permeable, ensuring that adequate drainage is achieved.


If you currently have a paved driveway in place, you will need to start your surfacing refurbishment project strictly from scratch

Is It Cheaper To Lay A Resin Driveway On Top Of An Existing Base?

Absolutely! In fact, this is one of the easiest ways to keep your driveway renovation project in budget.

Many of our customers come to us concerned that their existing base is not viable, and will need to be excavated and replaced along with the surface.  

Yet in the majority of cases, the existing base can be used-provided that it is still in relatively good health (ie. no issues with subsidence or soil erosion.) Generally speaking, resin bound surfacing can be laid on one of two existing surfaces: concrete (which is non-permeable), or a permeable asphalt surface.

Do The Same Rules Apply For Paved Surfaces?

Definitely not! If you currently have crazy paving, block paving (or, for that matter, any type of paving!), you will need to start your surfacing refurbishment strictly from scratch. 

The movement in these types of surfaces will cause any resin bound material overlay to crack prematurely, and, consequently, you won't be able to reap the full range of rewards on offer.

Although a full replacement is required in these cases, you can still keep costs in check. One way of doing so is to create a driving/garden hybrid. Intrigued? Let us explain...

A driveway/garden hybrid refers to the process of splitting the designated area for your new driveway into two separate spaces, with the resin bound surfacing taking up half of the area, and the rest of the space filled with a mixture of gravel and stones. 

A colourful array of gravel can easily be utilised to create an ultra-low maintenance rock garden, with strategically placed potted shrubs to soften the edges, and complement the assortment of stones.

If you need additional parking space at a later date, these pots can easily be re-positioned, with the gravel area re-purposed to accommodate a new vehicle-without the extra cost of a driveway extension. Perfect!

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From size and shape, to your chosen type of aggregate, there are many factors which determine the cost of your driveway, but with a little forethought, you can easily work around them to ensure you remain in budget

Resin Driveways: 5 Key Factors That Influence Cost

There are many things to take into account when trying to work out how much your resin driveway will cost. These include:

Resin Cost Factor No.1: Size And Shape

The more complicated the shape, the more difficult it will be for your contractor to lay the driveway. If your driveway is large, the contractor may need more people to lay it, as it all needs to be laid in one go.

On average, a labourer can cost as much as £150 per day, and your driveway may take a full day to lay if it is complicated in shape. It is easy to see how the costs can mount up.

Resin Cost Factor No.2: Condition Of The Existing Base

Your contractor may need to repair or even replace the existing base, to ensure it is one continuous piece of concrete or tarmac, with no cracks or significant dips. In this instance, the base will need to be repaired or relaid altogether.

The current driveway may also need to be dug up and relaid if it is brick or paving slabs as these have too many dips to be suitable bases for resin.

Option No.1: Laying your resin drive onto a concrete or tarmac base:

40m2 £60 / metre squared

40-100m2 £50 / metre squared

100m2 + £45 / metre squared

Option No.2: Laying onto a base that needs to be dug out and relaid

0-40m2 £125 / metre squared

40-100m2 £110 / metre squared

100m2 + £100 / metre squared

As you can see from the above, the cost of installing onto a ready made base is about half the cost of installing onto a base that needs to be built by the contractor.


Don't let your driveway decision-making drive you around the bend-enlist the help of the experts to set your surfacing up for success!

Resin Cost Factor No.3: The Choices Of Aggregate/Stone

The more expensive the type of stone you choose, the more expensive the driveway will be.

Generally speaking, the cost of stone will depend on how readily available it is, and how popular it proves as well. Brighter shades or different colours will result in an increased price.

You may also choose a number of colours that you will combine into design patterns. This takes skill and time to get right, and therefore costs more as a result.

Resin Cost Factor No.4: The Edging Options

The resin driveway will need to be edged in some way. There are various ways to do this, and your choice of finish will influence the overall price you pay. You can choose from a small wall, bricks laid into the ground, or metal edging if you’re feeling adventurous!

The point at which the driveway meets the pavement is very important, as this is driven over daily. This edging needs to be very robust, depending on the level of the pavement compared to your driveway. You may find this adds to the cost.

Resin Cost Factor No.5: The Weather/Time Of Year You Want It Installed

Resin dries more quickly during the Summer, and, therefore, it will need to be laid quickly and possibly with more employees. In the Winter, it will need to be laid in the dry. This may mean that your contractor will build in a contingency for wet weather.

This can mean that your driveway costs can increase based on the weather, and you may experience delays that are unexpected.


Balancing the books isn't easy at the best of times, but if you aim to get 3-4 quotes, you can quickly compare costs, and, consequently, see which company offers best value for money

Resin Bound Surfacing: Far More Cost-Effective Long-Term

The overall costs of your driveway may tempt you to choose the resin bonded type, rather than resin bound variety, as it will initially appear to be cheaper. But let’s explore the reasons why the lesser outlay proves to be a false economy:

● Resin bonded surfacing comprises of a thinner layer of both gravel and resin, and is therefore prone to peeling, cracking and bare spots. It will not last as long as resin bound material.
● Resin bonded driveways can have issues with stones becoming unstuck, and needing to be topped up. This means that it requires ongoing maintenance.
● Resin bonded surfacing can be subject to pooling and puddling. You will need extra drainage around your driveway to accommodate this, and that can add to the cost.
● Resin bound surfacing is made from a thicker layer of material, and will simply last longer and have a smoother, more professional finish.
● Resin bound is more difficult to lay, but is less likely to result in cracks, patchiness or discolouration.


Ensure the long-term performance of your new driveway by ensuring your contractor's experienced-with the proper credentials to match!

Resin Driveway Cost Calculator: Comparing Costs Is Crucial!

As with any home improvement project, it is essential that you get a number of quotes so you can conduct a comprehensive comparison of the options on offer. Make sure that each contractor is quoting you for the same things, and that they explain what your quote involves.

For example, some may not quote you for the basework, even though it is clear you will need a new one. If they offer to lay the driveway over a substandard base, do not choose them. This part of the project is not negotiable, and is the basis for the longevity of this product.

Do your research on the contractor and make sure they are experienced. If you are paying a premium, you want an excellent result. Look for guarantees, and look carefully into what they cover in their quote. Remember that there are a number of unscrupulous contractors out there; it pays to do your homework!

Neighbours who have had the work done may be able to point you in the right direction, and online reviews will give you an idea of the experiences of other clients before you take the plunge.

Drive your driveway in the right direction, with the help of resin bound surfacing. Discover how this thoroughly modern material can complement the exterior of your property today, by calling 0800 1700 636, or by simply clicking the button below!

Drive your driveway in the right direction, with the help of resin bound surfacing. Discover how this thoroughly modern material can complement the exterior of your property today, by simply clicking the button below!