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Resin Driveways Eastleigh, Chandlers Ford and Fairoak

Resin Driveways Eastleigh, Chandlers Ford Fairoak

The beautiful town of Eastleigh is home to almost 30,000 people, and along with the suburbs and airport around it, attracts more tourists than you’d expect.

However, as a town not far from the Solent and the South Coast, the residents are no stranger to rain, wind and changeable temperatures.

Whilst most have mastered keeping their home warm and cosy, regardless of the weather outside, keeping the exterior of the property looking fresh and clean can be tricky in the face of constant rain showers, weeds and wind blowing dirt and grime around.

In order to combat this, our expert team have started installing resin driveways for residents. When it comes to housing exteriors and resin driveways, Eastleigh is really beginning to ‘pave the way’ for neater and more eco-friendly homes! Here’s how…

Why Eastleigh Residents Are Opting For Resin

Resin driveways are created with a mix of natural aggregate material, marble, stone and recycled glass, stirred and topped with a strong layer of clear resin, to create a stunningly smooth surface and finish. The resin coat essentially makes a driveway wonderfully wipe-clean.

Each particle or stone is fully coated in clear resin and then laid onto a stable base. This can happen over your existing driveway, should it be stable enough. If not, the existing driveway can be removed by specialist installers, and a ‘sub-layer’ put down instead.

This ‘sub-layer’ looks like a thick plastic grid of squares or rectangles, within which the stones are placed. Once finished, the grid is invisible. Having to remove your existing driveway to place down a sub-layer of this type takes longer than direct application, but ensures a smooth and stable driveway that’ll stand the test of time.

What Do Our Hampshire Customers Think?

“Very pleased with my driveway. I was kept informed about starting. Site manager also said when they would start and finish and this adhered to. Pleasant work personnel. Standard of workmanship excellent.” – Mrs Smith’s review on TrustPilot

Once laid, the finished depth can be anywhere between 12mm-24mm, dependent on the type of stone used. Different types, shapes and colours of stone can be adapted to suit your specifications – a range of colours and types are available to choose from, so you can select a resin driveway style that best suits your home.

“I would recommend Homelogic to anyone wanting a resin driveway. The men were very polite and did a good job, everyone remarks on it when they see it we have had lots of compliments about our driveway.” – Mrs Poore’s review on TrustPilot

Resin Driveways Eastleigh, Chandlers Ford Fairoak

Our Standards of Service

“Big steep drive with a little border on the side which I wanted covered. Nothing was too much trouble for these guys and they finished covering a huge area with resin bonded small gravel in just one day. Four men working flat out in harmony” – Mr Crewe’s review on TrustPilot

If you too would like additional borders and edgings like our customer, Mr Crewe, the resin driveway can be edged with paving, and again, there’s plenty of colours and patterns to choose from.

Tree pits are available to include your foliage, and the resin driveway will be custom-laid to fit around any lawn, drains or manhole covers.

No matter how oddly shaped or sized your driveway, a resin driveway can be laid to fit, and adapted accordingly.

An Ideal Drainage Solution For Your Resin Driveways Eastleigh Home

Entirely compliant with modern sustainable drainage systems, resin driveways are favoured by planning and local authorities, who incentivise their installation with no requirement for planning permission, or third-party administration.

The ability for such drainage makes resin driveways the most eco-friendly option on the market today.

Resin driveways do not age or weather over time, so are not prone to cracks, pressure damage or weed growth. Instead, your driveway will remain neat and intact for years to come, with no worry of looking anything but perfect – despite weather, age, footfall or vehicle usage.

Eastleigh residents are lucky to be just ‘up the road’ from our resin driveway specialists, here at Home Logic. We are a fully British Board of Agrement accredited firm, and train our technicians to the highest possible standard.

Technicians will carry out a free home survey to visit and assess your driveway’s suitability for resin, with no obligation to buy.

Take the first step to achieving an exemplary driveway in Eastleigh today, by simply clicking the button below! Call 0800 1700 636