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Driveways & Resin Surfacing

Resin Driveways Maintenance: Will My Surface Fade Over Time?

Resin Driveways Maintenance

Driveways crack, scuff and damage easily and so many are choosing to reinvigorate their driveway with a more durable, damage-resistant surface: resin bound material.

With resin driveways maintenance is low on effort, time and cost… making it the driveway surface of choice, for commercial and residential customers alike. Here’s a few more reasons why compared to traditional driveway materials, resin’s resilience wins hands down…

What Is Resin Bound Material Made Of?

Resin driveways look and feel smooth but are actually made up of individual stones along with pieces of glass and marble. Each piece is rolled and entirely coated in a clear resin before being blended together.

This sticky mixture is then poured onto the desired surface, be it an existing driveway or a sub-grid in the earth and left to dry out and ‘cure’ for between 24-48 hours.

The mixture that makes up resin bound driveways is extremely durable and won’t scuff or crack, which is why you’ll see it used on areas of heavy vehicle usage (such as commercial car parks), and frequent footfall (such as pedestrianised areas and children’s playgrounds.)

Resin Bound vs. Resin Bond: Which Is Easier To Maintain?

There’s only one letter difference, but a completely different look, feel and result. Resin bonded material is also made up of stones, glass and marble (with some other gravel and aggregate added in), but this is poured onto resin rather than blended and coated within it.

As a result, resin bonded driveways don’t have a smooth finish and are partial to having loose stones spring up – a big no-no if you value your car’s windscreen!

Resin Driveway Maintenance: The Lowdown

As a resin bound driveway won’t crack or scuff, there’s no repair or replacement costs required.

The smooth surface essentially results in a wipe-clean driveway, and the natural drainage capabilities of the material will soak up any moisture, without it standing on the surface, or running off into your garden.

All resin bound driveways fitted by us here at Home Logic are compliant with Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDs) standards.

Any accumulated dirt, grime or oil can be routinely washed away, and the moisture will drain away naturally. This is the only maintenance required for a resin bound driveway – and even then, you can just wait until it rains!

Resin Driveways Maintenance

Although relatively easy to maintain, resin bound driveways still require a little TLC to keep them in tip top shape-and eliciting envious looks from the neighbours!

Resin Driveways : 4 Top Tips To Keep Your Surfacing In Shape

Although resin bound driveways are far less costly and time-consuming to maintain, from time to time, they still require a little TLC to keep them in tip top shape.

With that in mind, here's 4 top tips to ensure your driveway is primed to perfection:

Top Tip No.1: Avoid Chemical Cleaners At All Costs

For traditional driveway surfaces, such as concrete, stringent chemical cleaners may be necessary. However, for resin bound material, such formulas should be avoided at all costs.

A simple power wash is all that's needed to keep your stunning new surface looking suitably impressive. Pay particular attention to the corners and edges of your driveway-these areas often get forgotten in the process of cleaning.

Top Tip No.2: Sweep The Area On A Regular Basis

Sweep, sweep and sweep again-especially in Autumn, when the trees lose their leaves at an alarmingly rapid rate (giving your driveway a leafy new Winter coat in the process!)

Wet leaves can be shockingly slippery-especially when they collect in great number. Moral of the story? Sweep the leaves up as they arrive to prevent them from becoming a problem.

Top Tip No.3: Address Spillages With Immediate Effect

Most stains can be removed with relatively minimal effort-the only thing to bear in mind is that they need to be removed as soon as they arise.

A solution of hot (not boiling) water and detergent should do the trick. For more viscous stains, such as oil, a cloth and methylated spirits will achieve the desired effect.

Top Tip No.4: Use Weed Killer On Windblown Seeds

Despite the fact the resin bound surfacing actively discourages weed growth, there may still be some stealthy stragglers who try to sneak their way up around the edges.

Generally speaking, you can pull these up by hand; if, however, they are resistant to removal, a domestic weed killer should be deployed; avoid oil-based varieties at all costs.

Resin Driveways Maintenance

UV resistant resin options prevent harmful UV rays from penetrating through your driveway-and causing the colour to fade

But What About Fading? Will My New Driveway Discolour Over Time?

Definitely not-and if it does, then it's more than likely down to your contractor trying to cut corners to cost cut, by mixing the resin and aggregates in the wrong amounts, or if the surfacing wasn't sufficiently sealed during the construction stage of the project.

If you're lucky enough to live in one of the sunnier parts of the country, then chances are, you'll have a South-facing driveway. Now, although this can be a brilliant boon if you're looking to grow sun seeking plants, it can be a distinct drawback for your driveway, with the harsh, UV glare leading, in some instances, to discolouration.

Without UV protection, some lighter, aggregate colours will appear to darken, due to the non-UV resin binder applied to the stones.

In these circumstances, the UV resistant resin options on offer provide an ideal antidote, preventing harmful UV rays from penetrating through your driveway, and causing the colour to fade. 

Commonly referred to as Aliphatic resin, UV stable resin possesses a clear appearance, and ensures your driveway's aesthetics remain intact as the years go by. 

Although the aromatic formulations of resin are cheaper, if you live in an area of the country that's exposed to sun, aliphatic resin driveways provide better value for money, as you won't need to allocate funds to fixing fading.

Does Resin Bound Surfacing Really Live Up To The Hype?

The resounding answer to this is YES – and customers are saying so publicly online!

Independent review website TrustPilot features numerous happy customers, with comments including:

“The whole process from the product demonstration, surveying, initial ground work and finally laying of the resin drive was professional, quick and efficient. The workmen were on schedule every day and kept us briefed on progress. They were also polite and happy to answer any questions.”

“The team came at the appointed time. They briefed me on what was going to happen and then just got on with the job. It was completed on time and they took all the rubbish away, leaving a beautiful new driveway. Marvellous!”

“The installers arrived on time, carrying out the installation in a professional manner. The site was left clean and tidy and we are extremely happy with the finish of the driveway. We have had several people comment on the look of the driveway!”

Resin bounded Driveways Maintenance

Thinking of having your outside space revamped all at once? Many tradesmen offer substantial discounts for bulk orders-and may throw in a few extras for free as well!

Is My Property Suitable For Resin Bound Surfacing?

There’s only one way to find out: ask an expert!

We offer free home surveys to best assess your property for the suitability for installation of a resin bound driveway-and all in less than a hour!

There’s no obligation to buy, and we will only advise and offer work that it appropriate for you, your property and your circumstances.

But what does the survey involve?

Our expert team of installers will meet with you at a time which suits your schedule, and assess the state of your current driveway, answer any questions and concerns you may have, and leave you with a detailed breakdown of the work to be done, as well as its associated costs.

Thinking of having your entire outside space revamped all at once? Good call-in fact, you'll find that the majority of trusted tradesmen offer considerable discounts for bulk orders (and may throw in a couple of exciting extras for free as well, such as pot plants to suit your new driveway!)

Plus, by tackling all the tasks on your to-do list at once, you won't be left worrying about scheduling additional work in at a later date-a particular plus point for those with busy lives (that's all of us then!)

If you do agree to go ahead with works on your driveway, this code of conduct also ensures that the team:

  • Agree budgets and timelines with you ahead of work commencing: and stick to them
  • Remain approachable and open to help you with any questions or queries
  • Only allow team members properly qualified and competent to carry out any work
  • Clean up after themselves after the job has been completed.

Sound good? Contact our friendly team today to request your free site survey, by calling 0800 1700 636, or by simply clicking the button below!

Set your surfacing up for long-term success today with the help of Home Logic.

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