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Saving Energy at Home: Top 10 Tips to Drive Down Your Bills

Sometimes our clients ask us about the best ways to save energy at home. This is usually prompted by two main concerns.

The first is that they may be concerned about fluctuating energy costs, which vary according to the season.

The second is because of a concern for the environment, which extends to ways they might minimise their impact on it, by rethinking the way they use energy.

With this in mind, here’s a selection of our top energy saving tips for homeowners:

Saving Energy at Home Top 10 Tips to Drive Down Your Bills

Top Tips to Reduce Usage, and Save Money

Change Your Laundry Practices: We suggest washing clothes in cold water as much as possible. Most of the energy used in the laundry process is used to heat the water. If possible, always wash with full loads so that you make the most out of your laundry machine.

Make Your Furnaces Energy Efficient: Have your furnace cleaned, lubricated, and properly adjusted during annual maintenance. This will help the furnace run at peak efficiency. Clean or replace the air filter every month or every other month to further your efforts.

Tackle Your Thermostat: Lower your thermostat by 4-5 degrees Celsius when no one is at home, or you are sleeping at night. This will save on the cost of heating your home. For greater control over internal temperatures, invest in a programmable thermostat.

Turn off all appliances, lights, and devices when not in use. This is the simplest energy saving tip we can offer, and it can mean a lot. If you have one, a power strip is most useful as you can turn off several devices connected to it at once.

Change your light bulbs. Newer light bulbs, such as LED lights, halogen incandescent lights, and CFLs offer significant savings over older types of light bulbs. In some cases, they last longer too, which means you do not have to invest a lot of money in replacement bulbs or lights.


And There’s More!

Change Your Shower Habits: Spend less time in the shower. Just a minute less saves you energy-it all adds up! Moreover, having low-flow shower heads and taps can reduce your water bill as well.

Protect Your Home Against Draughts: Draughts can occur when there are unnecessary gaps in your doors and windows, chimneys, or even gaps in your floor. These can lead to heat loss at home, forcing furnaces and other heating devices to run inefficiently. Solve the problem, and get set for savings.

Change Your Fireplace Practices: If your fireplace has a damper, close it to prevent excess amounts of warm air from escaping through the chimney. This allows for heaters in winter to run at its most efficient.

Use Drapes and Blinds to Save Energy: By opening drapes in places where the sun can shine through, you can make substantial savings on heating costs. Close these drapes and blinds at night.

Insulate Your Home Properly: Home insulation curbs costs, and creates cosy, comfortable conditions. Adequate insulation of walls, for example, allows hot air to easily circulate at home in colder weather, thus reducing the burden and cost of using your furnace.

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