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Seeking Spray Foam Quotes On Behalf Of Parents? Here's What To Do...

Seeking Spray Foam Quotes On Behalf Of Parents

Nobody likes to imagine that people they love are living in a cold home, or that they may be spending more than they can afford to keep that cold home heated.

However, the reality is that there are far too many people in the UK who are struggling to keep their homes warm. The government is putting an even greater emphasis on tackling cold homes; as of 2012, 2.28 million UK households were suffering from fuel poverty.

Cold homes can lead to serious health conditions and make existing health conditions worse. This makes a cold home incredibly important to tackle now rather than later.

If you’re seeking spray foam quotes on behalf of parents, then we have outlined a five-step process to make sure that you are only getting the best for your parents. Starting with understanding just what spray foam insulation is all about

Make Sure You Know All the Facts

Spray foam insulation is one of the most recent insulation materials to be introduced to the UK market. The insulation was first used in the 1940’s, largely on aircraft, but over the last 30 years, has become a key insulation for residential and commercial use.

The product comes in two different forms, known as open-cell spray foam and closed-cell spray foam. The former of the two is quite soft due to the larger air gaps. The latter is more compressed, achieving a harder finish that is better at moisture resistance.

There is a large difference between the R-value of these two products as well. You can expect closed-cell to have an R-value of around 6.5, while open-cell has an R-value of around 3.5.

Seeking Spray Foam Quotes On Behalf Of Parents

Parents' property currently has no insulation in place? Spray foam roof  and floor insulation is always a great place to start

Understand The Priority Areas To Insulate

When seeking a spray foam insulation quote for your parents, it’s important to note where in the home you want the insulation installed.

Spray foam insulation is a very versatile product, which means that it can be installed almost anywhere in the home.

When sprayed, foam insulation is capable of expanding by up to 100 x its original volume. This makes it ideal to fill spaces, like:

• Loft joists
• Loft rafters
• Crawlspaces
• Cavity walls
• Cellars/basements
• Under the floor

Compare Older And Modern Insulation Methods

The unique properties of spray foam insulation set it apart from the other insulation materials on the market as a leading choice. As insulation will be a major investment for your parents, it’s important to take note of the key benefits of the product:

 Saves money on heating costs
 Lowers noise pollution
 Add support to a structure
 Resists moisture penetration
 Helps prevent damp, mould, and pests
 Reduces energy expenditure and increases energy efficiency
 Improves health by eliminating some air pollutants
 Increases home comfort by regulating temperature
 Comes with a 25-year manufacturer warranty!

Seeking Spray Foam Quotes On Behalf Of Parents

Like most things in life, it pays to shop around; aim for at least 3-4 quotes so you can get an idea of the going rate for this project!

Compare 3-4 Spray Foam Insulation Providers

While the spray foam insulation products sold by different providers may be similar, it’s crucial that you ensure your chosen provider follows the required safety procedures.

Spray foam insulation is a professional product, which means that it must be installed in the right way using the right tools. If you don’t select a trusted provider, then you run the risk that the finish could be less that perfect.

This means that the spray foam may not be the right thickness, there may be cold spots left, or the spray foam may not achieve the correct coverage for effective insulation.

Get Your First Spray Foam Insulation Quote!

The final step is to get the first spray foam insulation quote for your parents. With Home Logic, all you need to do is get into contact with our friendly and professional team.

We’ll discuss the options open to you, inspect the space that you want insulated, and work with you and your parents to find the best solution for a warmer, cosier, and much more comfortable home.

As BBA Approved installers, we’ll make sure that you get the best possible quote for the insulation your parents need, like we have done for so many homeowners in the UK, in the past.

For Home Logic spray foam insulation quotes, don’t hesitate to give us a call today on 0800 1700 636, or by clicking the button below!