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Selecting the Best Double Glazing Ipswich

double glazing ipswich

As the nights begin to draw in, more and more of us in Britain are withdrawing to our homes during the cold Winter evenings, in order to stay warm and spend time with our families.

Across much of the year, the often challenging English weather means that our houses become our sanctuaries.

We know that making an improvement to your home can be a stressful and costly time, so it’s important that you’re well and truly informed before, you press ahead with this type of project.

One of the most popular ways to make changes to your home, especially when looking at staying warm, is installing double glazing in your home.

Here at Home Logic, we provide a dedicated double glazing service in Ipswich and the surrounding areas in Suffolk, providing a friendly yet professional service for improving your home.

But how much do you actually know about double glazing and how it can benefit you and your home? Read on to discover why double glazing could be the best decision you make for your property long-term…

Double glazing is simply a window made of two panes of glass, rather than one, with a space sandwiched in the middle. There are a number of benefits to double glazing as a home improvement option.

Why Choose Double Glazing For Your Ipswich Abode?

Double glazing is simply a window made of two panes of glass, rather than one, with a space sandwiched in the middle.

There are a number of benefits to double glazing as a home improvement option, including the following:

Benefits No.1: It Blocks Out Noise

One of the best things about double glazing is its ability to reduce noise pollution in your home. Privacy is as much a mental state as it is a physical one.

Unless your home is outside of Ipswich town and more rural, chances are you’ll have some sort of noise niggle – a busy road, a loud neighbour, a pub – nearby that you would rather hear less of.

Double glazing can help to make your house a place of peace and quiet, so you can get on with things at home, with fewer distractions.

Benefits No.2: It Saves You Money On Your Bills

Heat escaping through windows, either because they’re old, or because they’re simply single-pane, is one of the quickest ways to lose lots of energy fast, especially in the colder months.

Instead of forking out more and more for the heating bill, double glazing helps contain the warmth, so you stay snug, and your wallet a little fatter. For more on saving energy, go to myenergy today.

Benefits No.3: It Increases Your Home’s Security

Double glazed windows are stronger, more durable, and more impenetrable than older, single pane windows.

As a potential weak point on your property, secure window fittings are of utmost importance, and with double glazing from us here at Home Logic, you can sleep soundly knowing your home is that bit safer.

Benefits No.4: It Curbs Condensation

Condensation is one of the biggest problems with single pane windows. Because the glass can get cold, warm air condenses on the surface on the inside layer. This can cause all sorts of problems like rotting the window frame itself, as well as the risk of increasing moisture in the home.

Condensation can lead to mould and damp, which can exacerbate allergies, and damage your home irreparably. With double glazed windows, the inner layer of glass is a higher temperature, which means significantly less condensation, and fewer problems overall!

Benefits No.5: It Increases Property Resale Value

If you’re looking to sell your house now or in the future, or if you want to pass it down to your kids, installing double glazing is a great way to increase your home’s resale value.

Double glazing is becoming increasingly sought after for buyers: it’s not just an improvement for now, but an investment for the future.

At Home Logic, we pride ourselves on staying up to date with the latest home improvement trends, so you can be sure to get the best and most stylish addition to your home, available on the market today.

Benefits No.6: It Encourages Natural Light, Whilst Protecting From Glare

Sunlight and heat can be damaging to the interior of your house. Double glazing helps protect your house against this problem, so your house looks as good as it feels, without compromising on natural light.

Double glazing is a big decision for your home, but a highly beneficial one. Keeping your house warm, dry and safe so you can enjoy home life while increasing your house value for the future, means that, however, you look at it, double glazing could be the best home improvement move you make.