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Welcome to HOME LOGIC Replacement Roofing Solutions

We are a team of industry specialists, using our gained experience to show you the best possible products when replacing existing Roofing structures. We specialise in flat roofs, Conservatory roofs and Lantern roofs. As a insulation business at heart, we specialise in making your home better insulated and taking you into the 21st century using high quality, low maintenance and long lasting products.

Flat Roofing With Home Logic

 At homelogic we specialise in all forms of flat roofing, perhaps you want a traditional style of felt and insulating is not a high priority. Perhaps you want a Warm roof and want extra insulation installed, why not try our Firestone rubber roofing solution with 100mm insulation board. Perhaps you have an ultra modern home or just fancy an upgrade, why not have a GRP flat roof solution installed in the colour of your choice. 

What flat roof best suits your home?


Home Logic Conservatory & Lantern roofing solutions  

Do you have a flat roof but need more light, why not have a lantern roof installed. Perhaps you have a lantern roof and want a new sleek aluminium style installed. Are you suffering from Too Hot! Too Cold! inside your conservatory, perhaps you need insulation developed by NASA so you can use 365 days a year. Or are you wanting an upgrade from traditional Poly-carbonate to new Glass roof with high energy efficiency glass installed. undecided why not get that free survey and see what product actually suits your home and budget.

Home Logic Replacement Roofing Solutions



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