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GA R A GE S PA C E  DISCOVER & GET INSPIRED  This post aims to change the record with regards to

                                       perennial disappointments such as this. We’ll
                                       provide some easy, actionable advice that’ll make

                                       your home gym the heart of your domestic sphere.

 5 Easy  Steps  to Designing a

 Home Gym You'll Actually Use

                                       Step #1: Find the perfect room

                                       You should start by making sure you’ve
 We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Plotting a home   picked the correct room for your home gym.
 overhaul that’ll change a spare room into   It should be readily accessible, yet out of the

 something exciting and useful, optimising the   way enough so you’re not tripping over a

 space and allowing you to bask in the sunlit   treadmill while going about your daily
 uplands of your glorious new home gym...  business.

 Until six months later you enter your new room   A cellar might seem like an ideal venue for a

 only to find it covered in dust, utterly unused, and   home gym in the winter months, but during
 you resolve never again to try to design a new   the summer you won’t enjoy running on a

 aspect of your home.                  treadmill or lifting weights in a hot, artificially

                                       lit space. Try to find somewhere with plenty

                                       of natural light - such as a room overlooking

                                       a garden or a converted garage fitted with
                                       new windows.

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