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  LOVEABLE LAYOUTS                         CALMING COLOURS                             LUXURIOUS LAYERS

                                 -       As a place for relaxing and              It goes without saying that one
                                                                                   of the best ways to style your
 siderations should be the layout of the room. Granted, there may be some limitations with this in   sleeping, it’s no surprise that   room for warmth this winter is
                                           many bedroom designs
 terms of size, positioning of doors, windows and radiators, but where possible try and arrange   favour neutral palettes that   with a myriad of layers and

 the room to make the best use of floor space and avoid any potential issues that could affect   offer up a more sleep con-  different textures - switching

 the overall feel of the room.          ducive ambience. However,                  out light, summery fabrics for

                                                                                       plush, thick alternatives.
 For instance, repositioning your bed away from drafty windows or direct heat sources will   your colour scheme has to

 ensure you attain the right temperature for a good night’s sleep, while making sure there are   be bland - far from it in fact;   Chunky knit throws, faux-fur

 clear pathways to easily navigate through the room will help instill a sense of space. This may   there are plenty of options   scatter cushions and deep-pile
                                          for adding character and
 require playing around with furniture placement, but the end result will be worth it when you’re   colour, especially in winter.   ways to cosy things up when

 greeted by a relaxing space to sleep each night!                                    the temperatures plummet

                                         From pale terracottas and                  outside, instantly creating a
                                          soft lilacs to rich creams               homely feel. And, don’t forget
                                           and cool blues, delicate                 your curtains, too. Even new,

                                        pastels and warm hues are
                                        ideal for delivering a serene                dramatically impact on the

                                         setting. Mix in some pretty              inside temperature of your bed-
                                          patterns and a variety of                 room, so be savvy and dress
                                        shades and textures in your               your windows accordingly with

                                        key colour of choice and the               thermal curtains that will keep
                                           room will instantly feel                 the heat in and the cold well

                                                  transformed.                                and truly out!

                                        Of course, you don’t have to                Speaking of windows, now is

                                         steer clear of bold colours              also the perfect time to address
                                         entirely to achieve a warm,              any draughts or problem areas

                                         winter wonderland. Opting                   that could be affecting the
                                         for splashes of jewel tones
                                          inspired by ruby, emerald,               home. Whether you go all out

                                        topaz and sapphire will lend              and replace your bedroom win-
                                         a luxurious edge that begs                dows with new ones or simply

                                          you to snuggle under the                    apply some much-needed
                                         duvet, whether that’s in an                 repairs, tackling any issues
 If you’re looking to transform your bedroom into a cosy haven for seeing out the   opulent ottoman-style bed   early in the season will ensure
 winter, then we hope these handy interior design tips will get you well on your   or a more simple double   your bedroom stays toasty all
 way. Add in a splash of your own creativity for good measure and we’re sure
 you’ll have a bedroom primed for a restful night all winter long.    design.                  winter long.
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