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            The most important thing to remember when preparing yourself for
            an auction is that the dead-set image you might have in your head
            when it comes to your new interior item is unlikely to become trans-
            lated into reality, at least not completely - so remain open-minded
            and be ready to adapt to what’s on offer.

            Remember that the frame of the peeling chair that would suit your
            interior perfectly can be repainted, the broken antique clock you’ve
            fallen in love with can be rewired, and the rust-riddled globe that
            could slot neatly into your son’s bedroom can be oiled and revital-

            Another thing to bear in mind before setting off on your auction
            journey is how well the items you’ve fallen for would fit in with your
            current decor and room dimensions. Take photos of the rooms or
            areas you’re looking to fill and keep them at hand when bidding for
            the eccentric chandelier that deserves an entire ceiling or a Scan-
            di-style chest of drawers that definitely wouldn’t fit in the small cove
            of your bedroom.

                                TURNING THEM INTO TREASURES

            When it comes to buying at auction, it can be easy to choose some-
            thing for its sheer beauty instead of considering the practical value
            it will add to your home. So, to avoid an overly busy decor it’s better
            to invest your money in one unique spend that will enhance your
            space rather than lots of smaller pieces of decoration that may
            hinder the look you were going for.

            Our suggestion? Once you’ve picked out your antique piece, ensure
            that the rest of your room’s decor doesn’t clash by keeping to neu-
            tral tones and uncomplicated surrounding decor. A straightforward

            way to do this is by giving your wall a lick of paint where your new
            decoration is to feature and rearranging your furniture to put your
            new item in pride of place.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Photo Credit: homedit
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