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Small Loft Conversion Ideas To Create A Relaxing Room

small loft conversion ideas

Whenever we think about buying a house, we always take the size of our family into consideration. When your family grows, you need more room and space to ensure a comfortable living environment.

But what can you do to increase space? You can buy a new bigger home, or you can turn your loft into a living space. If you have a decent sized loft, it can an easy and economical solution, as the following article reveals…

How Can A Loft Be Made Habitable?

You need to make certain assessments before you can think about turning a loft into a living space. The following are the steps to be followed.

Assess If The Place Is Suitable:

You must assess whether the loft area can be turned into a bedroom. You should inspect the size, length, ventilation etc. to reach a conclusion.

You should enlist the help of the experts to make that assessment.

Consider The Average Costs

The financial aspects must be given due consideration. You need to be clear about your finances before you decide to change the loft area into a living space.

Most of the houses in the UK that have a loft, have been turned into a bedroom. Turning a loft into a living space saves a lot as you do not have to move to another house.

Evaluate Options For Heating And Cooling

The loft area can be the coldest place in the house. Even in Summer, the roof of the house is the place where the maximum heat transfer takes place.

If you are converting it into a living space, you should ensure you have thought of the solutions to make it more habitable. The following are the options you have.

a. You can ensure that you run heating system or air-conditioners for longer hours. This will help to keep the temperature bearable.
b. You can choose home insulation.

Home insulation is the most efficient way to make the loft more habitable. Why? Let’s find out.

– It will allow you to reduce the energy bills. There would be no need for heating systems or air-conditioners to work all day.
– You can reduce your carbon footprint.
– The temperature inside the house will remain consistent.
– It protects the house from mould and condensation etc.

small loft conversion ideas

With Spray Foam insulation your family can have a warm and comfortable loft bedroom. This will help you raise your family without worrying about the space

Loft Insulation: The Preferred Option Among Property Owners

While insulating the house is a great option, sometimes it is not possible for you to go through with it. It can either be because it is too time-consuming, or due to financial reasons. There is still a solution to this problem. You can go for loft insulation.

This means you only get the loft area insulated instead of the whole house-making for a cheaper and more convenient solution.

Roof insulation is what you should go for as you want to convert the loft into a living space. Floor insulation is an option when the occupants plan on not using the space to reside in, and are quite happy to keep it as an additional area for storage alone.

Loft Insulation: 6 Brilliant Benefits

Although halting heat loss is one of the primary perks of good insulation, it also provides several additional benefits, including:

– The maximum heat is lost from the roof of the house. If you insulate your loft, you would put a lid on your living space. It works for all seasons.
– Transformation of the loft into a living space would become possible. You will be able to get a warm living space in the loft area and the temperature of the house will also be consistent.
– It would eliminate the need to get the whole house insulated.
– You will save a lot of money.
– Help protect the house from dampness and other problems.
– As spray foam needs to be sprayed, it won’t cause any damage to the structure.

Small Loft Conversion Ideas: Final Thoughts

With Spray Foam insulation your family can have a warm and comfortable loft bedroom. This will help you raise your family without worrying about the space.

It is important to hire a professional for a successful transformation of the loft-and to prevent potential problems resurfacing at a later date.

Take the first step to creating your habitable hideaway today, by calling 0800 1700 636, or by simply clicking the button below!