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Small Shrubs To Plant In Front Of House This Spring

Small Shrubs To Plant In Front Of House This Spring

We all know that first impressions count, and when it comes to our homes, this saying couldn’t be more apt. The front of your home is the first part that your visitors see, and it is viewed every day by all passers-by.

You want it to look the very best it can, and improving the driveway and landscaping can be a great way to achieve this. Small shrubs are the perfect accompaniment to the front of your house, and no matter how much sun this area gets, you can choose plants that will suit your home perfectly.

Estate agents know that a manicured front garden is a great way to show off a house.

In fact, a garden that is well cared for and features a smart driveway and patio area can actually improve the value of your home by as much as 20%.

This can help you to sell your home or even get a new mortgage for other home improvements. So if you are looking to add small shrubs to the front of the house, what do you need to think about, and which plants are going to give the most impact? It’s time to find out…

What Is A Small Shrub?

A shrub is described as a small to medium sized woody plant or bush. They are similar to small trees in that they have woody branches, but they can be differentiated by the fact that shrubs have multiple stems, and tend to stay close to the ground.

Most are evergreens, and flower into the Summertime. However some may die back in the Autumn, before blooming again in the Spring.

Some shrubs are also described as “subshrubs”. This means that they are similar to a shrub, but that they tend to hug the ground, and provide ground cover. They also tend to be herbaceous. These plants last a long time and are very hardy, due to the fact they are protected by being close to the ground.

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Small Shrubs To Plant In Front Of House This Spring

Smaller Shrubs vs. Larger Shrubs: Which Are Best?

Shrubs come in many sizes, but some are described as miniature or dwarf shrubs due to the fact that they only grow less than one metre in height.

It is wise to make sure that you are choosing true miniature shrubs as some are described as being small, when in fact they are simply very slow growing. But they could grow very large indeed, and much larger than expected (up to 8ft high in fact).

When it comes to landscaping options, small shrubs are often chosen because they are easy to care for and will not overwhelm the space.

Once planted a shrub will last for around 20 – 30 years; therefore, you need to know that it will be perfect for the position you have chosen.

Small shrubs will not get in the way and are the perfect plant for highlighting the edges of driveways and paths and will be ideal in borders alongside larger plants and trees. They also come in a variety of attractive flowering colours, and therefore looks great in any front garden.

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Small Shrubs To Plant In Front Of House This Spring

Looking After Small Shrubs: Key Considerations

Shrubs are generally very hardy plants and will grow happily in almost any location. When planting, you should buy your shrub in a pot. It may already be fully grown if you are using a miniature shrub, so it will be easy for you to get the layout just right.

You should pull the shrub out of its pot and place it into a suitable sized hole in your garden. Tease out the roots if they seem to need it.

Shrubs usually don’t need regular watering, but in the first few weeks, it makes sense to give the plant a good soaking from time to time, if the weather is dry. Shrubs prefer a heavy water occasionally, rather than watering daily.

Try to ensure that the soil is relatively free draining – mostly just to ensure that the plant is not left sitting in a pool of water.

Small shrubs will not need pruning unless they start to grow too large for the space. Occasionally they may develop rogue tendrils that cause it to lose its neat shape – you can simply trim these off as they develop.

Mostly these small plants will remain in the expected shape without too much effort, making them the perfect longstanding plant for your front garden.

Shrubs For Your Front Garden: Options On Offer

If you are lucky enough to have a bright and sunny front garden with dry soil, you will want to choose shrubs that will grow well in this environment. Equally a shady front garden will need shrubs that are suitable for more wet soil.

Luckily, there are plenty to choose from including English lavender, cranberry bushes, thyme, french lavender and various miniature roses.

You should choose shrubs that will provide the colour you want with a mixture of flowering periods to get year round colourwhere possible.

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Small Shrubs To Plant In Front Of House This Spring

Your Driveway Project And How Shrubs Can Help

If you are working on a new driveway for your front garden and you have chosen a resin bound driveway, you really are spoiled for choice in the varieties of shrubs you can choose.

A resin bound driveway is created by mixing resin with the aggregate of your choice in the colour that you want.

This means that you can choose your planting to reflect the overall scheme. For some that might mean a splash of colour in certain areas and for others it could mean a huge variety of colours, sizes and shapes.

Small shrubs are perfect for lining your driveway. Not only do these borders provide the perfect run-off for water from the driveway, but they soften the edges and hide the necessary edging work that might detract from the overall look of the driveway.

Choose small shrubs that will spill over the edges of the driveway slightly but not too much. You don’t want to drive over the plants, however they are hardy enough that they would probably survive such treatment.

You can also use shrubs in planters or containers to add to the overall look. Using these to flank the entrance to your driveway or your front door can look very smart and the pots can be moved whenever you fancy a change.

Your resin bound driveway will last upwards of 20-30 years – around the same time as many varieties of shrub. Therefore you will have a front garden that will look beautiful and well cared for for many years with very little maintenance or effort.

Choosing small shrubs for your front garden is an important decision, after all these plants last a very long time and your driveway deserves the very best complement.

Shrubs the perfect option as they are easy to care for, they need very little pruning and they are perfect for covering the ground and softening your front garden. You’ll easily achieve that extra 20% on the value of your home, but you’ll love how it looks so much you won’t want to sell!

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