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Protective Coatings

Smooth Or Textured Masonry Paint: Which Is Best?

smooth or textured masonry paint

Investing in home improvements is a large part of owning a property, but knowing which improvements are going to offer lasting benefits, and which are just going to cost you an arm and a leg for little reward, is a difficult line to draw.

It’s a position many of us have been in before, where to improve, and where to simply leave be.

When looking at the best home improvements for your property, the benefits of each project need to be carefully weighed and evaluated. Those larger home improvements need to look fantastic, but also be practical.

This is especially the case with smooth or textured masonry paint, and creating the highest level of protection for your external walls.

The walls of your home are its cover; when the cover gets damaged, the interior is going to suffer. A similar comparison can be drawn when looking at the appearance of the cover, as often times, the look of the exterior really does have a substantial impact on our expectations of the interior.

If you’re considering investing in smooth or textured masonry paint for your external walls, it’s vital to weigh up the benefits, and know which product is going to offer them, and which will only provide the flimsiest of coverings, as the following article reveals…

Creating The Perfect Smooth Or Textured Wall Finish

There is quite a substantial debate over whether smooth or textured masonry paint is best. Both have very different qualities, and provide unique finishes that can compliment the age, style, and design of a property.

However, when looking at either smooth or textured masonry paint, the product that you choose is going to determine a lot about the appearance, practicality, and longevity.

Masonry paint covers a broad spectrum of different types of product, but they often boil down to two main types, standard and specialist.

The standard products are effectively an enhanced form of interior paint, designed to provide some resistance, but primarilychange the colour of external walls.

The contrasting product, wall coatings, are incredibly different. These are designed to provide a barrier, be it clear, coloured, smooth, or textured. Instead of simply painting over external walls, using a professional smooth or textured masonry paint wall coating will give you access to the protective benefits.

smooth or textured masonry paint

At Home Logic, we have had the pleasure of working on an outstanding range of different property types, offering tailored wall coating solutions to residents all over the UK

The Benefits Of Smooth Or Textured Wall Coatings

Wall coatings, primarily masonry crème and façade coating, are a specialist insulation product.

The product is a wonderful home improvement to increase the protection of a property, taking all the benefits of standard smooth or textured masonry paint, and going even further. Some of the main benefits include:

• Reducing Damp: There are many different types of damp, but almost all of them spell disaster for homeowners. Wall coatings allow a wall to breathe, without absorbing large quantities of water. In fact, water absorption can be reduced by more than 95%, which greatly improves the thermal resistance of a property.

• Better Insulation: Whether you choose smooth or textured masonry paint, the best wall coatings will provide substantial insulation. The invisible barrier of insulation keeps heat inside a property, helping you to reduce your energy bills considerably, thanks to the 17mm of penetrative barrier created by the wall coating.

• Improved Appearance: Not only will the finish of the textured or smooth wall coating boost the external appearance of your home, but it will keep it looking fantastic for longer. The protective barrier repels dirt, oil, algae, and water, so the finish will continue looking incredibly. As the external appearance of a property is essential to increase the value of a property, this is very important.

A Beautiful Look With An Expert Service

From increased kerb-appeal, to a better layer of protection, the benefits of smooth or textured masonry wall coatings are extensive. But these also extend to creating a unique property style that caters specifically to your individual home requirements.

Wall coatings come in a wonderful range of beautiful colours, can be used to create stunning textures, and even offer a clear finish to ensure the character appeal of brickwork is kept intact.

At Home Logic, we have had the pleasure of working on an outstanding range of different property types, offering tailored wall coating solutions to residents all over the UK.

With the wonderful styles our past customers have chosen for their homes, we have witnessed first-hand the transformations that both smooth and textured masonry paint has brought to a property.

If you need advice or guidance about creating the best long-lasting cover for your home, our team are always on hand to help. Simply call 0800 1700 636, or click the button below to get in touch with them today!