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Solved: Adding Insulation to Existing Exterior Walls

Adding Insulation to Existing Exterior Walls

Adding insulation to existing exterior walls is a relatively straight-forward process, if you have the team of specialists on board to assist.

Here at Home Logic we absolutely love what we do and this shows in the quality of our work. It doesn’t matter if you are building a new property, or have an existing structure in place, we can equally assist with your insulation requirements.

We’re more than happy to provide advice on adding insulation to exterior walls, which is why we’re giving away our insider ten-step process below.

However, we recommend that you leave this kind of task to a team of experienced professionals. Purely, so that you obtain the most accurate and effective results.

What is Our Wall Coating of Choice?

There is no better material than Home Logic Wall Insulation when it comes to adding insulation to existing exterior walls. This product is really easy to apply and can be used on any building no matter how old it may be.

When sprayed directly onto your brickwork, it creates an invisible barrier against water-absorption, dust and debris. This leaves your façade looking dry, clean and attractive.

In addition to this, Home Logic Wall Insulation will also improve the thermal resistance of your property and prevent potential frost damage in freezing temperatures.

This will save you hundreds of pounds in energy bills and can also prevent expenditure on boiler repairs or plumbing work during the winter.

Adding Insulation to Existing Exterior Walls

Home Logic’s Ten Step Process

When it comes to adding insulation to existing exterior walls, we follow a very simple and transparent 10-step process.

As always, before the 10 step process begins, we offer a free site survey so that you can obtain a no-obligation quote, as well as expert advice on all aspects of external insulation.

In this inspection operation, we will identify any potential problem areas, and address the elements of your home that will need to be protected by the wall coating insulation. This and the rest of the process can be seen below:

  • Inspection – Managed by an industry professional, at a time that suits your schedule;
  • Pressure Washing – To ensure the surface is clean and free of debris;
  • Algae Treatment – Treated with fungicidal agents;
  • Repairing Cracks – Premium quality filler used to repair;
  • Rendering – Damaged areas are re-rendered to match the existing surface;
  • Bagging – SBR/UniBond bag coat for unique stabilisation, and adhesive qualities;
  • Masking & Protection – To ensure everything that is not to be sprayed is sufficiently covered;
  • Primer – To ensure a good connection to the substrate, and a long-lasting finish;
  • Apply the Coating – Using the revolutionary Home Logic Wall Insulation;
  • Cleaning – Don’t worry we do clean up after ourselves!


Adding Insulation to Existing Exterior Walls

It Takes a Great Amount of Skill

Adding insulation to existing exterior walls takes a great amount of skill. Even the processes involved in the preparation stage take some degree of talent and expertise.

Take rendering as an example – this task is just like plastering. Sure, almost anybody can have a go at plastering but only the very best can do it quickly, efficiently and to the highest degree of accuracy.

This kind of precision takes years of experience to practice and perfect.

Here at Home Logic we’ve been perfecting our insulation services for over 30 years now – so we know what we’re doing!

Start Adding Insulation to Existing Exterior Walls Today!

You can start your journey towards adding insulation to your property right here on our website.

Our exterior wall insulation product provides unbeatable levels of protection, all year around. Book a free site survey today to find out what we can do for you and receive a no-obligation free quote at the same time.

If you would like some more information or wish to request some general tips and advice for the exterior of your home – give us a call on 0800 1700 636. One of our representatives in waiting to take your call! You can also email us on survey@homelogic.co.uk.