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SOLVED: Can I Buy Properla Paint In The UK?

can I buy properla paint in the uk

ProPERLA is a leading paint supplier in the UK, offering high-quality products that are designed to do more than just make your home look good.

The products combine a stunning finish with a high level of protection, spanning from the benefit of reduced thermal conductivity to the advantage of lowered water absorption.

When you choose a ProPERLA wall coating, you’re choosing to safeguard your home agaisnt damage from the elements and the everyday wear and tear of your external walls.

The simple answer to the question: can I buy ProPERLA paint in the UK? is yes. However, there is a little more to purchasing ProPERLA than just shopping for a good paint.

What Are the Main ProPERLA Products?

ProPERLA has a whole range of products designed for exterior use. The products are very different, but all boast some great advantages to the achievement of a better protected property exterior.

The leading three products are masonry crème, façade coating, and water repellent. Let’s take a closer look…

Masonry Crème

ProPERLA masonry crème is a high-quality clear coating designed for use on exterior substrate surfaces. The product is designed to create an invisible layer of insulation, with research showing that the crème can reduce the speed of thermal heat loss by a staggering 76.83%.

The dramatic reduction in thermal conductivity that a masonry crème can provide is exceptional for the heightened retention of heat inside a property. Additional benefits stretch to it’s assurance of breathability and its self-cleaning properties.

After application, water will find it incredibly hard to stick to the surface of the wall.

With the masonry crème coating, discolouration is prevented, and moss and algae growth on the walls will be seriously reduced.

can I buy properla paint in the uk

Properla external wall coatings reduces maintenance requirements considerably, saving you time, hassle, and money on costly repairs

Façade Coating

Façade coating is ProPERLA’s answer to offering homeowners a coloured finish for their homes, as opposed to the clear finish that masonry crème offers. The product is available in a fabulous range of popular pastel shades, including Devon Stone and Water Lily.

The coating is also highly breathable and self-cleaning. Water vapour and air will still be able to escape from a property, but water entry will be drastically lowered.

The product is super hydrophobic, which you’ll notice by the beading of water when it lands on any surface coated with façade coating.

This helps with self-cleaning, as the dirt and grime that would normally infest brickwork, will be washed away as soon as it starts to rain.

Water Repellent

ProPERLA water repellent is an outstanding product that is used to prevent water absorption in mineral surfaces, including concrete and slate. From use on walls to a coating for roof tiles, the product is able to increase the life-span of different areas of a building.

The advanced composition creates a hydrophobic effect, whereby water beads up and runs down the walls, instead of being absorbed by the surface.

This product is of particular benefit to roof tiles, keeping the roof of your home much better protected.

The benefits extend to breathability, and again, the same self-cleaning advantages as the other ProPERLA products. Maintenance requirements are reduced, and walls can release any moisture outside, to prevent damage to the interior.

can I buy properla paint in the uk

A professional service will make sure that your exterior walls are in top notch condition-and that they remain that way for many more years to come!

Can I buy Properla Paint in the UK: Final Thoughts

You can get your hands on any of the ProPERLA paint products no matter where you live in the UK. However, just like how DIY spray foam insulation can be a bad idea, so can DIY ProPERLA application.

ProPERLA is a professional product that needs careful consideration when it’s being applied. This stretches to the preparation beforehand, with ProPERLA requiring that your walls are properly prepared and treated before any paint is applied.

A professional service will make sure that your exterior walls are in top notch condition with a series of procedures that include:

 Wall inspection
 Cleaning via a power washer
 Treatment for algae problems
 Crack and render repair
 Bagging
 Full property masking
 Application of a primer coat
 Site clean-up

These procedures bring your exterior walls back up to a suitable quality where they can more than tackle the problem of weather damage in the long-term.

The Home Logic team provides this full service, with a complete inspection to make sure that all issues are noticed and repaired, and a professional application of any of the ProPERLA products.

Whether you’re interested in buying ProPERLA masonry crème, or you like the idea of a coloured façade coating, call our friendly team on 0800 1700 636.  Alternatively, simply click the button below to get started today!