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Spray Foam Insulation

SOLVED: Can Spray Foam Insulation Make You Sick?


Nobody likes getting sick. During winter months it’s something a lot of us simply can’t avoid. We inevitably wind up on the couch, cradling a bowl of homemade soup and watching daytime TV. That is the best cure for any common cold!

Over this winter, the Aussie flu pandemic spread across the globe, leaving many of us to queue up outside our doctor’s surgeries begging for assistance. We are a nation that doesn’t cope well with ailments, to say the least!

With that in mind, we always like to keep ourselves clean and free of germs. Antibacterial hand gel on the go, tissues on demand and wiping every surface before and after use.

The same sickness paranoia can be applied when it comes to your home – can spray foam insulation make you sick? It’s time to find out…

Can Spray Foam Insulation Make You Sick?

Spray foam insulation presents many benefits to your home, including saving up to 40% on your energy bills. But one of the most common questions we address is whether there are any health risks to using spray foam.

This is a very sensible question to ask, as it shows you’re analysing every aspect of a potential insulation project before commencing – very mature of you! Allow us to guide you through our response.

The Answer is Short and Sweet

In short, the answer to – can spray foam insulation make you sick – is no! However, this answer is dependent on certain factors being taken into consideration.

For example, one of the older versions of spray foam, polyurethane, came with risks of conditions such as asthma, lung damage and other respiratory issues.

Nowadays, however, modern insulation solutions such as Home Logic Spray Foam offer a more economically friendly approach. This leads to a remarkable improvement in your air quality.

A Few Things to Consider

With the benefits spray foam brings, it is important to note that a great deal of care needs to be taken if the insulation is to work properly.

That’s why we highly recommend you do not undertake spray foam insulation projects yourself. Instead, it is wise to hire the assistance of experienced professionals.

Here at Home Logic, we ensure all of our installers are equipped with the safest protection gear available. By doing so, we are protecting our staff as they carry out this extremely beneficial project for you, ensuring your health and safety, too!


Do as the title suggests! Rest assured, your home is completely safe to relax in once the 24 hour evacuation period is over, so you can reap the benefits of our spray foam insulation product for many years to come!

Leave This Place!

Because of some initial fumes during application, we do advise that you vacate the property for 24 hours post-application. Again, this is simply to allow the spray foam to settle, expand and harden.

The fumes and chemical aroma will evaporate during this period. So you and your family will be able to re-occupy the property once this period of time expires. Once you have, your home is extremely safe and most importantly, so are you!

What about My Pets?!

Another honest and sensible question! Pets are also taken into great consideration when it comes to installation. So we also advise you take any pets with you during the 24-hour evacuation period.

This is to reduce the chance your furry or scaly friend may come into contact with the raw compound. Once you reoccupy, there are no health risks towards your animals, meaning you can all live safe and sound.

Safe and sound is the appropriate term to use too, as you’ll also be improving your internal acoustics! All we do ask is that you don’t allow your pets to chew on the foam. If you’re installing in the loft, as is most common, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Rest Assured

Do as the title suggests! Rest assured, your home is completely safe to relax in once the 24 hour evacuation period is over, so you can reap the benefits of our spray foam insulation product for many years to come!

So get off the Internet, stop googling – can spray foam insulation make you sick – as you will have found your answer right here! Instead, why not see whether Home Logic Spray Foam can change your home’s thermal efficiency!

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