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SOLVED: How Much Does It Cost To Blacktop A Driveway?

how much does it cost to blacktop a driveway

Everybody should be able to take pride in the exterior of their home, from beautifully painted exterior walls, to a stunning front garden, landscaped with pretty perennials. For many, however, the state of their driveway is what is letting down the kerb-side appeal of their home.

Your driveway starts the transition from the outside world, into your home; your one place to relax and be yourself. Poorly constructed driveways, or those showing the wear and tear of the years, are more stressful than relaxing.

Thankfully, a tired old driveway can be transformed with relative ease, with the only concerns for many being, how much does it cost to blacktop a driveway, and is there a better material available? It’s time to find out…

Break down of the Costs for a Blacktop Driveway

Blacktop, or asphalt, is a popular driveway choice, due to its affordability and durability, when mixed and laid correctly.

Working out, how much does it cost to blacktop a driveway is not quite as straightforward as the calculation required for other home improvements, but there are ways that you can get an indication as to the estimated price of this project.

Starting with the standard estimated cost of between £45 and £60 per square metre, the following situations will go some way towards dictating how much it costs to blacktop a driveway for your home:

• The Size of Your Drive – Contrary to popular belief, how much does it cost to blacktop a driveway per square metre, can be affected by how small your driveway is. Smaller driveways may incur higher charges per square metre, due to the cost of the machinery needed.

• Maintenance and Blacktop Repair – Blacktop is prone to many problems, which factors into the initial costs, and add further expenses for blacktop repair. If you have an existing sub-base, it may need repairing, and additional layers, like a weed membrane, may need to be laid.

• Your Location – Where you live in the UK plays a big role in how much does it cost to blacktop a driveway. Driveways in London, for example, generally cost significantly more than other locations. In some cases, this can be more than 50%.

• The Type of Blacktop – Blacktop comes in different types, with hot mix asphalt generally costing more than the eco-friendlier recyled asphalt mix.

• Any Excavation Work – Removing old materials, adding drainage, and excavating old bases, can also increase the cost of a blacktop driveway. The cost will depend heavily on the condition of your existing driveway (or lack of.)

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how much does it cost to blacktop a driveway

Resin Bound Surfacing: A Driveway Designed to Last

Just as working out the costs of your new driveway is important, so is making sure that the product is going to be right for your home. While blacktop is considered to be one of the cheapest driveway types, it is certainly not the right investment for every home.

An alternative driveway type, and one greatly preferred by many homeowners, is a resin bound driveway. The superior quality and durability of resin, when compared to blacktop, make it a higher cost investment, but one that is designed to last for many years.

The composition of a resin driveway is what really sets it apart in terms of quality, durability, and exceptional SUDs compliant drainage performance.

An aggregate, stone, or marble, of your choice, is combined with a strong, clear resin, creating a stunning, unique finish, with a strength that can withstand significant use over the course of many years.

A Premier Product with Exceptional Performance

The benefits of resin as a premier driveway material are exceptional. Its low maintenance makes it ideal for busy homes, and its quick installation ensures minimal disruption. But is it worth the additional cost?

Our team at Home Logic  recommend resin bound surfacing as the best material for creating driveways that look fantastic, whilst remaining incredibly practical. However, it is the comments from our past customers that truly show resin off in the best light.

“Big steep drive with a little border on the side which I wanted covered. Nothing was too much trouble for these guys and they finished covering a huge area with resin bonded small gravel in just one day. four men working flat out in harmony” Mr Crewe

“Thank you so much my drive looks so nice had a lot of people comment on it. No more Weeds coming through” Mrs Reid

Coming highly recommended as a top modern alternative to other driveway types, for many, resin is well worth the cost.

If you’re considering investing in a new driveway, and are unsure about whether asphalt is going to do the job right, look no further than resin, for a quality you can trust. Request your free site survey today, Call 0800 1700 636  or by simply clicking the button below!

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