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SOLVED: Is Attic Insulation Harmful To My Home?

Is Attic Insulation Harmful

In recent years, there have been a lot of health-concerns over attic insulation, and for very good reason. The only answer to, is attic insulation harmful? is yes and no. Perhaps not the answer you were looking for, but there could be a lot more going on in the roof of your home than you may be expecting.

The question of, is attic insulation harmful? can be split into two categories; old attic insulation and modern attic insulation.

Generally speaking, properly fitted modern insulation poses no health risks, the best insulation on the market is non-toxicand incredibly effective when fitted by experts. The benefits of the right attic insulation are extensive; insulation will save you money on your heating bills, insulate your home against outside noise, and provide a protection against moisture.

So, when exactly is attic insulation harmful? When you look at old insulation or insulation that has been poorly fitted, the risks to you and your home can be quite startling, as the following article reveals…

Attic Insulation: Problems And Pitfalls

Two of the biggest attic insulation risks are mould and asbestos, both of which can be very damaging to your health.

While not all attics will be subject to the problems, it is important to assess the space for any issues, to not only get the most out of your insulation, but to protect your health and the health of your property.


Asbestos is something that no homeowner wants to discover. The name covers a multitude of minerals that were used to insulate properties, generally before the 1990’s.

While there is no debate that at the time asbestos was effective, once the mineral has started to deteriorate, it becomes very harmful. If you haven’t’ updated your insulation since then, there is the risk that your insulation contains asbestos.

This is especially the case if loose-fill insulation was used to insulate your property. A known cause of lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis, if you are concerned about asbestos being present in your current insulation, it is important that you get it removed. You can normally identify asbestos by sight alone.


Just as asbestos is a big fear for homeowners, so is mould. There are multiple reasons why your attic may become mouldy, but one of the most common reasons for mould growth in attic spaces is poor insulation.

While mould can pose a risk to health, one of the biggest worries about mould growth in an attic is that it may damage the structure of a property; after all, mould means moisture.

Damage to your roof, gaps in your insulation, or a humid climate, can all encourage the growth of mould in an attic space. Some of the older types of insulation, such as cellulose insulation, can become mouldy once it has been exposed to water.

The combination of moisture and heat will spread the mould, making the attic insulation more harmful than beneficial.

Is Attic Insulation Harmful

At Home Logic, we have encountered many of the problems that homeowners have experienced with attic insulation. Thankfully, we have seen some outstanding improvements in insulation over our long years in the industry

Why You Should Consider Attic Insulation

While it may seem like investing in attic insulation is all doom and gloom, it is one of the best investments you can make. Technology has come a long way in recent years, and the insulation market has seen many improvements as a result.

Old dangerous and ineffective attic insulation is being removed, and homeowners are benefiting from toxin-free insulation that is designed to last and be resistant to moisture.

By choosing a modern material to insulate your attic instead, you’ll keep your home warmer, and bank balance looking healthier for the long-term.

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Professional Product, Professional Service

At Home Logic, we have encountered many of the problems that homeowners have experienced with attic insulation. Thankfully, we have seen some outstanding improvements in insulation over our long years in the industry.

Today’s insulation provides a service that is almost incomparable to what used to be on the market.

As always, a professional job delivers professional results, and a guarantee that your new insulation will be up to standard and fully effective. For more information about the benefits of attic insulation, to alleviate any additional concerns, is attic insulation harmful?

You can contact us directly and speak to one of our expert advisers, or look at our website for the latest energy news, and spray foam benefits. Call 0800 1700 636, or simply click the button below to get started today!