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SOLVED: Is My House Suitable For Properla Paint?

Is My House Suitable For Properla Paint

Painting the exterior of a property has always provided some protection from the elements, but now with Properla paint, you can go one step further and really protect your home from the cold and damp.

As a hydrophobic wall coating, that repels water to keep surfaces dry and stop heat from escaping, Properla has been a benefit to homes up and down the UK, as well as abroad. 

With excellent reviews, quick application and exceptional results, it’s no wonder why so many people want to have Properla paint applied. 

If you’re wondering: is my house suitable for Properla paint? Then you’ll be happy to know that the chances are that your home is perfectly suitable… as long as you select the right paint for the job!

Choosing the Right Properla Paint: What Are My Options?

Properla paint is well-known for protecting exterior masonry by preventing water absorption by more than 95%, but that’s not the only use of Properla paint. 

There are many different types of Properla paint application, four of which we cover below, so you can get an idea of whether Properla paint is a suitable choice for your home and if so, which type of coating you’ll need.

1)    Properla Coatings for Walls

Properla coatings for walls come in multiple forms, but two of the main types are masonry crème for a clear finish and façade coating for a coloured finish. These coatings are applied to external walls, where they penetrate the surface to provide a strong layer of protection against water absorption. 

Most mineral surfaces are suitable for a Properla wall coating, such as those make from brick, concrete, sandstone and natural stone. Masonry crème is only suitable for non-painted surfaces, but façade coating can be applied to a painted surface.

Is My House Suitable For Properla Paint

Weather resistant, designed to lower the risk of moss and algae growth and perfect for creating a self-cleaning surface, Properla coatings for paving, or paving impregnator, is an excellent product for many outdoor surfaces

2)    Properla Coatings for Roofs

Properla roof coatings, also referred to as water repellent, is a product that can be applied to roofing tiles, as well as most other building surfaces. This product is hydrophobic, highly breathable and creates a surface that is self-cleaning.

The roof coating is suitable for surfaces that are made from materials like slate, terracotta, clay and concrete. 

3)    Properla Coatings for Wood

Properla wood coatings, or wood impregnator, are very similar to wall and roof coatings in terms of the benefits, but are specifically designed to protect exterior wooden surfaces from weather damage. 

The coating dries clear and is suitable for many wooden vertical surfaces. This coating can be applied to bare wooden surfaces, like gates, beams, fencing and even wooden cabins.

4)    Properla Coatings for Paving

Weather resistant, designed to lower the risk of moss and algae growth and perfect for creating a self-cleaning surface, Properla coatings for paving, or paving impregnator, is an excellent product for many outdoor surfaces.

This coating is suitable for use on most paving slabs, paving stones, concrete slabs and other external mineral surfaces. 

Is My House Suitable For Properla Paint

Before you have a Properla coating applied, you may need to repair the outside of your home and it’s also wise to get walls treated for problems like algae to give you comprehensive protection that will last for many years to come!

When Is Properla Unsuitable?

From paving to roofing, Properla is suitable for most areas of a property exterior, so if your home is made from normal building materials, you’ll likely find that there is a Properla product for you.

However, even if your home is constructed from materials like concrete and clay, you may find that Properla is unsuitable if your property is in poor repair. Certain problems, like large cracks due to subsidence or property settlement, or serious damp infiltration, shouldn’t really just be painted over, even with a highly beneficial product like Properla

Get a Free Home Survey from Home Logic

If you’re concerned about whether or not your home is suitable for Properla paint, then you can call our team at Home Logic to help you to find out. When required, we can perform a detailed home survey, that will inform you straight away whether Properla is a suitable choice for your home.

After our on-site survey, we can provide you with a no-obligation quote, which lasts 12 months, so you have plenty of time to consider whether Properla is the right choice for you!

For more information call Home Logic today or arrange for one of our professional advisors to call you to discuss Properla for your home. Simply dial 0800 1700 636, or click the button below to get started today!