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SOLVED: Is Properla Paint Suitable For Garden Walls?

is properla paint suitable for garden walls

Stone and brick is naturally hard-wearing, but weather damage can still take its toll! If you’re looking to plan a new garden wall or restore an old wall, then you want all your hard work to last longer than the next bout of extreme weather. 

There are many products out there that are targeted at exterior wall protection, but when it comes to Properla, you’re getting a product that you can rely on to greatly benefit your home and garden. 

The question of ‘is Properla paint suitable for garden walls?’ almost always has a positive answer and you don’t need to look much further than the way that Properla works to understand why…

Properla Paint and Garden Walls: An Overview

Properla is technically a wall coating, more so than a paint, as it does a lot more to protect exterior surfaces that simply changing the colour, although you can get a beautiful coloured finish with a product like Properla façade coating. 

While primarily Properla is geared towards exterior property walls, the coating is perfectly suitable for any mineral building material. This includes:

•    Brick Walls
•    Concrete Walls
•    Stone Walls
•    Sandstone Walls

is properla paint suitable for garden walls

The way that Properla works is by penetrating the surface of the wall, up to around 17mm, to create a coloured or invisible barrier. Once in place, this barrier stops more than 95% of water absorption, which protects the wall from weather damage, like damage caused by heavy rain.

As a hydrophobic product, garden walls treated with Properla will be:

•    Self-cleaning
•    Resistent to algae and moss growth
•    Breathable
•    Not prone to discolouration
•    Resistant to frost damage
•    Water-repellent

Treating your garden walls with Properla will help to protect them, but with the outstanding benefits of Properla, why stop at the garden wall?

Option 1: Protecting Your House with Properla

If your property is constructed from any of the mineral building materials as listed above, then you can protect your exterior walls with Properla as well. You’ll get all the benefits that we’ve already covered and a further benefit that you’ll notice more from an application of Properla on your external property walls.

By repelling water and stopping water absorption, Properla keeps masonry dry. This is a benefit to the condition of the masonry, but also to the energy efficiency of your home.

Dry masonry has a lower thermal conductivity compared to wet masonry. With a lower thermal conductivity, your home will be better insulated and heat won’t be able to escape as easily!

The use of Properla can even extend to roof protection, with the specially designed water repellent product being the perfect option to stop roof tiles made from materials like terracotta, clay and slate from absorbing water. 

Protecting your garden walls and property walls and roof with Properla is a good start, but you can go one step further…

is properla paint suitable for garden walls

Properla is an outstanding product that delivers exceptional results, wherever on your property that you decide to use it. At Home Logic, we offer a full service for Properla application, helping you to protect your home one surface at a time!

Option 2: Protecting Your Garden with Properla

Once your walls are protected, the next step is to protect your exterior wooden surfaces, like gates, fences and beams. Properla can help with this essential maintenance task as well.

The high-performance wood impregnator from Properla takes many of the best benefits of Properla masonry coatings and transfers them to wood. After Properla treatment, the wood will be self-cleaning, super hydrophobic and very breathable.

Without treatment, exterior wood can crack and rot, which makes a coating of Properla incredibly important. Wood shrinkage will be reduced, rotting is largely prevented and the lifespan of the wooden surface will increase with a Properla coating.

For comprehensive garden protection, you could even use the Properla products to protect your paving – the uses of this exceptional product are almost never-ending!

Professional Properla Application from Home Logic

Properla is an outstanding product that delivers exceptional results, wherever on your property that you decide to use it. At Home Logic, we offer a full service for Properla application, helping you to protect your home one surface at a time. 

If you want to see the benefits of Properla first-hand, with an expert installation, then give us a call today. Alternatively, to learn more about our range of products, you can check out our website, or even read some of the latest Home Logic reviews, like the one below, from our 5-star Trust Pilot page!

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