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Solved: Problems with External Wall Insulation

Problems with External Wall Insulation

There are many reasons why you might choose to insulate the outside of your home. External wall insulation can reduce thermal transfer from your property, as well as the amount of noise coming in.

This will provide a much more comfortable environment to live in, and a refreshing reduction in your energy usage, leading to more money in your pocket!

This is an area of the industry that has made tremendous improvements over the last few years, putting to bed a few associated problems with external wall insulation.

Historical Problems with External Wall Insulation

So what are, or what were, the associated problems with external wall insulation? The biggest drawback is probably the cost. Nothing in this life comes for free as we all know, but there are cheaper options available on the market.

Cavity wall insulation, as an example, is much cheaper than sprayed-on external wall coatings.

However, the quality of this method is often very much in doubt, proving that you really do get what you pay for!

Pay a little more and you obtain better quality in almost any situation.

Other problems with external wall insulation may include:

  • Potential requirement for planning permission;
  • Breathability and ventilation;
  • Internal condensation issues;
  • Inability to open windows seals or vents.
Problems with External Wall Insulation

Home Logic Wall Coatings and Insulation

All of these historical problems with external wall insulation are solved and put to bed by the use of our Home Logic Wall Insulation.

This product is better than any predecessor before it, and will solve any potential issues you may already be experiencing.

Once applied, it will penetrate into your masonry and create an invisible barrier up to 17mm deep. This reduces water-absorption by over 95%!

This will also prevent damage to the brickwork, and help to reduce the amount of heat lost through your walls.

Because it’s transparent, the coating will not change the appearance of your property, and therefore no planning permission is required either. The material is breathable too, so water droplets are not allowed to enter your brickwork.

Our trusted team of installation specialists will ensure the application process is performed to the highest degree of industry accuracy possible.

This means all windows, air vents, drainpipes and all other entry points are protected from the coating process.

So as you can see, all of the previous related problems with external wall insulation disappear with Home Logic Wall Coatings!

Benefits of Applying External Wall Insulation

  • Reduces heat loss and energy bills
  • Reduces draughts and cold-spots
  • Improves the selling value of your property
  • Improves internal acoustics and sound insulation
  • No disruption to your home during installation
  • Reduces condensation and damp
  • Does not reduce the internal floor space
  • Adds years to the life of your walls
Problems with External Wall Insulation

Should You Consider External Wall Insulation?

Absolutely! These days, the technology and materials involved have come on leaps and bounds.

This is now one of the most effective methods of insulating the walls of your home available on the market today.

This is especially true if you have cavity walls, as there are proven problems when it comes to this method of insulation.

Filling your cavity with material prevents a bridge for thermal heat and moisture to travel through. The most effective option overall is to insulate your exterior, so that no moisture makes it into the building in the first place!

External wall insulation also provides a fantastic way to refresh the image of your home and protect your brickwork from the Great British weather!

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