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Solved: Wet Bricks on Outside of House

wet bricks on outside of house

Calling all family enthusiasts – we have a solution to your potentially home-wrecking dilemma! If you are coming home from a hard day’s work to a home filled with moisture issues, such as condensation and damp – worry no more!

You can put your children to bed safe with the knowledge that no occupant within your home will suffer with the consequences of damp.

Simply consider a layer of Home Logic Wall Insulation insulation to say goodbye to the dark days that wet bricks on outside of house can loom over your family.

Wet Bricks on Outside of House and Damp

As is quite typical with British weather, the external walls of our homes do tend to take quite the bashing from the rain and other elements, which leaves our brickwork looking quite gloomy during the process.

However, if your property’s not adequately protected, that rainwater can attack your brickwork, and in the worst case scenarios – seep into your internal walls as well.

This can cause a build-up of moisture which then leads to damp and mould. These airborne pollutants can lead to asthma and bronchitis, which, in young children, can be detrimental to their health and development.

Exterior Wall Insulation Fits The Bill!

Fortunately, you can improve the fortunes of you and your family – and save fortunes on the heat that’s lost through the wet walls. We all know that heat travels quicker across cold, wet surface.

It’s almost as if the heat is one big, lovable energy source which just wants to heat all the surrounding cold areas. It’s nice of it to offer, but it comes at a price! You want to keep that heat within the walls of your home to maintain a consistent temperature all year round.

The way it is achieved is by applying Home Logic Wall Insulation! Once the masonry creme is applied, an invisible barrier or protection is created up to 17mm deep into the brickwork. This barrier repels water, dirt, dust and any other contaminants; keeping your walls protected at all times.

You can finally say goodbye to those pesky wet bricks on outside of house causing damage to your internal atmosphere. Our external wall insulation product is impermeable so therefore water and other elements of British weather cannot find its way in to your brickwork – yet the walls are still able to breathe effectively.

The same can be said for pesky rodents and insects which are attracted to cold, damp areas, and are commonly found in rooms that possess such environments.

What Other Benefits Will I Find?

There are other benefits to protecting your property with external wall insulation. You’ll find movie nights in with the family and a takeaway will be much more satisfying, with increased comfort all round, regardless of the weather outside.

Not only this, you will also save thousands of pounds in energy conservation as well. Remember, putting an end to wet bricks on outside of house attacking your walls is just a spray away!

Another benefit is the lack of toxins and chemicals present in the wall insulation material itself. It is completely safe for us to apply and completely safe for you and your family to be around – despite the fact that you won’t see it once it’s sank in to your brickwork.

wet bricks

Wet Bricks on Outside of House? Call Today and Save!

If you want to take advantage of the benefits that external wall insulation brings towards protecting your external masonry, then give us a call on 0800 1700 636.

Our team of experts are on hand during the normal working hours to answer any and all of your questions. We are trusted supplier of insulation management services; so rest assured many other families up and down the country are just as satisfied with our product and what we stand for!

Alternatively, as we understand juggling a job with family life can be time-consuming, you can email us at survey@homelogic.co.uk. Before any project is undertaken by ourselves, we offer a free site survey, with no obligation to proceed unless you’re 100% satisfied with everything.

The survey is the perfect opportunity to have face-to-face contact with us, where we can help you highlight any problem areas you might have.