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SOLVED: What Are The Advantages Of Cellulose Insulation?


advantages of cellulose insulation

With the figure for UK homes that need insulating sitting at around 25 million, there has been a massive push towards encouraging UK homeowners to insulate their homes. But why now?

Amidst past government initiatives, energy price cap roundabouts, and an uncertain future of rising energy prices, fears over how well homes and residents in the UK are protected against the cold have been slowing rising over recent years.

To combat all the uncertainties, homeowners in the UK have been taking it upon themselves to cut the cost of their energy bills by switching providers and looking to the future of their homes energy efficiency, by investing in home insulation.

But like all home improvements designed to cut monthly bills, choosing the right way to go about it is no easy task. So, what is the best way to insulate a property?

Currently, the market is awash with debate over the best insulation, with the advantages of cellulose insulation vs spray foam insulation being at the forefront of many homeowner’s minds.

While many homeowners are already well versed in the advantages of the modern spray foam insulation, the advantages of cellulose insulation are not quite as well known, as the following article reveals…

Why Choose Cellulose Insulation?

The main advantages of cellulose insulation are two-fold: heat insulation and noise insulation. Cellulose Insulation is one of the eco-friendliest insulation materials on the market, composed primarily of recycled newspaper. So how can recycled paper insulate your home?

The paper is treated with a flame-resistant chemical, and often combined with plant fibres, before being sprayed into cavity walls or attic spaces. Generally, there are two different compositions, loose-fill and dense-packed.

The type that is used is dependent on the area being insulated, with loose-fill suited to attics, and dense-packed suited to cavity walls. Normally blown-in cellulose is used, but in situations where the loose material can’t be used, the other option is cellulose batts.

Cellulose batts are a form of blanket insulation, which is laid rather than blown-in. With all forms of cellulose insulation, as the cellulose insulation becomes tightly packed into a space, the air flow reduces, so heat and noise can’t escape as easily.

This works both ways, so it is also more difficult for cold air and noise to enter a property.

advantages of cellulose insulation

No matter which product you decide to use, you will receive some degree of insulation to your property, which is incredibly important when looking to the future of energy prices

How Does Cellulose Insulation Compare to Spray Foam?

On the surface, the advantages of cellulose insulation are impressive, but when you start to compare the insulation with what spray foam can offer, the benefits are not quite so clearly defined.

Spray foam insulation doesn’t just provide a densely packed insulation, but a fully airtight seal that offers an increased retention of heat, and sound-proofing properties as well.

This is primarily down to the differences in the composition of the two insulation types. While spray foam is also blown-in to spaces, the foam expands, so any air gaps are instantly filled by the foam, unlike cellulose insulation, which relies on its initial dense properties.

Just like cellulose insulation, there is more than one type of spray foam insulation, known as closed-cell insulation and open-cell insulation.

Closed insulation sets rigidly, while open insulation is softer, despite still providing a barrier against air and the subsequent heat loss.

In contrast to the installation of cellulose, there is no great difference between installing either type of spray foam, and the diverse nature of the product means that it can be used throughout the home.

The Advantages Of An Insulated Home

With both products being so different, it may come as a surprise that the primary advantages of cellulose insulation and spray foam insulation are so in-line.

When it comes to selecting the best insulation material for your home, it’s important that you consider the savings now, and in the future, as the more efficient the material, the larger the savings on your energy bills will be.

No matter which product you decide to use, you will receive some degree of insulation to your property, which is incredibly important when looking to the future of energy prices.

As Mrs Knowles, a homeowner who has recently benefited from Home Logic loft insulation, commented after the installation, ‘Would give ten stars. Excellent job. The house is now a lot warmer and we should save on heating bills after having the loft insulated. Thanks’

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