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SOLVED: What's the Best Driveway for a Cold Climate?

best driveway for a cold climate

The winter of 2018 is set to be one of the coldest that the UK has experienced in the last decade, seeing temperatures plummet and with snow on the horizon. 

During these bitterly-cold months, it’s our homes that are the worst affected and particularly those surfaces outdoors that face the full brunt of the weather. 

Every driveway installed needs to be strong enough to deal with the cold, so if you’re wondering ‘what’s the best driveway for a cold climate?’, then you’re not alone!

To help you choose the best driveway for cold climates, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the most common driveway types and their unique problems, starting with concrete and asphalt.

Concrete and Asphalt: Are They Strong Enough?

Concrete and asphalt are two materials that can be found up and down the UK. They’re strong, quite durable and often cost-effective, but can they stand up to the weather extremes that the UK is becoming more and more accustomed to facing?

Concrete and Cold Weather

There is a good reason concrete is so readily used as the material of choice for many construction projects, but that doesn’t mean that this strong material is going to be the best bet for a cold-climate driveway.

The issue with concrete is its tendency to crack over time – one of the key concerns of concrete driveway owners. Cracking is an aesthetic concern for most of the year, but come winter, it’s a serious hazard.

The freeze-thaw cycle, where water freezes, melts and freezes again, can be very damaging to cracked concrete. The cycle can make cracks larger and damage the structure of the driveway.

Cold weather is also a serious concern during the construction of a concrete driveway and can drastically impact the quality of the finish.

best driveway for a cold climate

Cold weather can also cause an asphalt driveway to develop more cracks, further increasing the potential of damage to the driveway in winter. The reason behind this is the way that asphalt contracts in cold temperatures, which damages the structure of the driveway

Asphalt and Cold Weather

Asphalt is another widely-used driveway material that is quite affordable and normally fairly strong. However, the damage of the freeze-thaw cycle doesn’t spare asphalt driveways, which are also prone to cracking. 

Another problem with asphalt in cold weather, that’s a consequence of the freeze-thaw cycle, is an issue known as frost heave. This occurs when water freezes underneath the driveway and essentially lifts a part of the driveway surface upwards, causing significant damage.

Damaged Driveway? Resin to the Rescue!

Where concrete and asphalt fail, resin bound surfacing can offer a solution. 

Unlike concrete or asphalt, resin bound driveways are not prone to one of the largest sources of winter damage, cracking. Where there is less of a chance that cracks are going to appear, there is less of a chance of the freeze-thaw cycle causing serious damage.

This immediately makes a resin bound surface better-suited to cold weather, but resistence to cracking isn’t the only reason a resin bound surface is good for cold climates.

Resin driveways are permeable, so water drains naturally through the driveway instead of settling on the surface and forming puddles. By draining water naturally, there is a lower chance of the water having chance to freeze on the surface of the drive.

The durable nature of resin and its incredible strength, also mean that it’s going to stand up well to weather damage, whilst still being a very low-maintenance driveway option! 

For a driveway that can stand-up to cold weather, resin is an effective solution.

best driveway for a cold climate

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