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SOLVED: When is Listed Building Consent Required?

When is Listed Building Consent Required

In the UK there are about 500,000 buildings that are considered to be of special architectural or historic interest, these are what are known as listed buildings. 

Listed buildings are separated into three categories: Grade 1, Grade 2* and Grade 2, with Grade 1 buildings being deemed to be of exceptional interest. Any property in good condition that was constructed before 1700 and many buildings constructed before 1945 are included amongst these grades.

Living in a listed property is slightly different to living in a new-build, as there are a number of regulations in place that prevent certain alterations being made to the building. Owners must care for and maintain their buildings, but many big changes are not allowed without prior consent.

This can leave many listed building owners wondering what they can do to improve their homes and pondering the question ‘when is listed building consent required?’.

What is Listed Building Consent and When is it Needed?

Listed building consent is special consent that is given to owners of listed buildings who want to make changes to their properties and sometimes the landscaping around their properties. These changes can fall into two categories:

•    Changes that involve alterations or extensions
•    Changes that involve the demolition of the listed building

Normally, building consent is required when the changes threaten the character of the property and its significance either historically or architecturally. 

General repairs often don’t need consent and sometimes it’s possible to repair woodwork and paint a listed property (where the surface has previously been authorised) without consent.

However, what you can and can’t do is severely limited when any question over the character of the property is raised.

You can apply for listed building consent by submitting an application online to your local authority through Planning Portal and depending on the work you intend to do, you may also need to apply for building regulations approval and planning permisison. 

Failing to apply for listed building consent is a criminal offence and you may find that any work you do can be ordered to be reversed. 

Make the Most of Your Home Improvements

It’s always best to apply for listed building consent in cases where you’re not 100% sure where you stand. Not only could you be putting your property at risk by undertaking unapproved repairs but having to reverse them could end up costing a large sum.

If you get consent to adjust your listed property, as many people do each year, then it’s best to make the most of the changes that you’re allowed to undertake and choose the best products on the market. 

Some products will do a lot more for your home than others…

When is Listed Building Consent Required

A dry wall is a safe and low thermally conductive wall, which is essential when it comes to keeping listed properties structurally stable and importantly, comfortable for the inhabitants!

Properla for External Walls: The Perfect Multi-Benefit Improvement

With a listed building, choosing your products carefully is very important, you want the most benefit you can get in a single improvement. A great example of this is Properla, a masonry paint with a big difference. 

This product is a great option for protecting exterior walls, which is a benefit to the continued good condition of your property. 

Properla is an external wall coating but also acts as a unique kind of wall insulation that stops water absorption by more than 95%, keeps walls dry and lowers their thermal conductivity and helps to keep the inside of a building warm.

By applying a layer of Properla to your exterior walls, you’ll give your property a new look, with a range of colours that are subtle and protect the inside from mould, damp and other weather damage.

Unleash the Potential of Your Property with Home Logic

At Home Logic, we make every home improvement count, from the installation of cavity wall insulation and new driveways, to the application of wall coatings, which can protect your property inside and out. 

If you’re looking to enhance your listed building and introduce some modern products to protect rather than change the character of the building, then Home Logic are the service to call for expert advice and guidance.

For more information about Home Logic and the range of products that we can supply and install, don’t hesitate to contact us today on 0800 1700 636, or, alternatively, by simply clicking the button below!