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SOLVED: Why Are My Windows Sweating?

Why Are My Windows Sweating

Windows sweating not only sounds bad; in the majority of cases, it can be the sign of some serious problems. If you envision clean, bright, and airy windows, but your image is being destroyed by condensation problems, then we have you covered.

The fact that 61% of people renting properties have experienced damp problems, and damp, leaky UK homes are amongst the most expensive to heat, shows that this problem is incredibly widespread.

Addressing damp, mould, and poor-quality windows in your home, can start with not just answering the question as to why your windows are sweating, but finding a solution as well, as the following article reveals…

Getting to the Root of the Problem

The problem of sweating windows is all down to issues with condensation. When you experience regular problems with the appearance of condensation, damp and mould patches can appear.

This detracts from the appeal of your home, but also makes the environment very unpleasant to be in.

Condensation is a natural occurrence, formed when warm and damp air interacts with a cold surface; in this case, a window. Droplets of water form, and where there is water, damp will inevitably follow.

Outside of your home, this is not really a problem, but when you have water coating your windows every morning inside your property, it can be very problematic.

To combat the problem of sweating windows there are three top tips that you can implement; keep air circulating, increase the temperature, and control the humidity.

Tip 1: Keep Air Circulating

Everyone wants their home to stay warm, but that shouldn’t mean that you avoid circulating the air in your home. Needless to say, warm and damp air needs to be evicted from the property and replaced with fresh air. There are multiple ways that you can achieve this:

  • Install extractor fans in the bathroom.
  • Use smaller fans around the house.
  • Open your windows regularly.
  • Consider adding vents around your home.

Why Are My Windows Sweating

Tip 2: Increase the Temperature

To stop condensation from occurring, the temperature of your home and windows is very important. Cold windows are a breeding ground for condensation.

It’s understandable that you’re not going to want to dial up the thermostat and watch your heating bills rise, but there are alternative ways to keep your home warmer, including:

  • Invest in high-quality home insulation – like spray foam insulation.
  • Block out any draughts in your home.
  • Caulk your windows.

Tip 3: Control the Humidity

Humidity control is a big part of stopping your windows sweating. If you can remove moisture from your home, there will be less chance of condensation forming on your windows.

This will also make your home safer and much more comfortable. There are many easy ways that you can reduce humidity, including:

  • Use a dehumidifier.
  • Vent your bathroom after showering.
  • Cover pans and pots when cooking.
  • Place house-plants near your windows.

What About a Permanent Solution to the Problem Of  Windows Sweating?

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution to sweating windows, triple glazing could be the answer. While double glazing can efficiently reduce the risk of some condensation forming, triple-glazing is much better suited to the job.

Unlike double-glazing, triple-glazing has three layers of glass and two vacuum compartments. The unique design of triple-glazing means that the expensive energy you are using to heat your home is pushed back inside instead of escaping through the windows.

The central pane of glass in triple-glazing also stays at a higher temperature. As condensation forms when warm air hits cold, the warmer glass temperature really acts to combat the problem of sweating windows.

When combined with a few humidity reducing techniques, and adequate air circulation, triple-glazing can help you to realise the vision of clean, bright, and airy windows – all year round.

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