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Soundproofing with Spray Foam

Soundproofing with Spray Foam

Whether you’re looking to play loud music or an instrument indoors, or are looking to seek solace from the outside world inside, soundproofing with spray foam can make for an effective and inexpensive barrier to unwanted noise – whichever direction it is you’re protecting sound from.

Spray foam insulation has been designed as an insulation product for properties to keep in heat, as well as to control vapour, but also acts as an effective soundproofing solution. Here’s how…

Soundproofing with Spray Foam: How It Works

Soundproofing a room is normally achieved by sticking a foam, or tightly-wound wool panel, to internal walls. However, this naturally allows for small areas between and around the outside of panels, where they cannot be entirely pushed or stuck together.

These small gaps to encourage noise to pass through, thereby restricting the effectiveness of the soundproofing. This means that basic D.I.Y soundproofing solutions remain unprofessional, and unsuitable for business use.

Spray Foam: Not Just a One Trick Pony

Of course, regular soundproofing solutions are single-purpose, and so whilst they may combat the issue of sound leakage between rooms, you’ll still need to install either an effective insulation method, or spend a great deal on increased energy bills to keep the space comfortable.

This means that spray foam insulation provides a multi-purpose and multi-functional insulation solution. It can be adapted to fill all sizes and shapes of space, including between roof rafters, into wall cavities, or directly onto the walls themselves.

As a highly professional product, spray foam should only be installed by specialist technicians, who must be British Board of Agrement accredited and recommended as Which? Trusted Traders.

The mixture is either sprayed onto, or injected into surfaces, and once installed, is guaranteed to last 25-years, until a top-up spray may be required.

If you have a period property, and you’re worried about affixing regular soundproofing products to your walls, spray foam insulation will be the answer; no permissions are required, and the mixture can be adjusted to offer structural support to your home as well!

In fact, spray foam insulation is so effective at soundproofing, you can even use it if you live under a flight path – a study showed that it provided sound reduction qualities of over 40% for aircraft, and save you up to 50% off your energy bills too!

Soundproofing with Spray Foam

Soundproofing with Spray Foam: Additional Benefits

Of course, as a multi-purpose product, spray foam insulation won’t just insulate and soundproof your home. It has a whole host of other benefits, including (but not limited to):

Increasing Air Quality

Providing a complete seal from the outside world prevents pollutants, allergens and toxins from outdoors passing through into your home.

Those with allergies caused, or aggravated, by airborne allergens will notice a difference in the property’s air quality almost immediately, making it easier to breathe.

“My back is a lot better because the air is not damp” – Customer Colin Curtis

Environmental Benefits

Heating and cooling your home less often is obviously good for your finances…and it’s far more energy efficient too.

Using less energy is beneficial to the area around you, and the installation of spray foam insulation will have a grading impact on the EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) of your property, which will lead to an increase in the resale value of your home, should you ever put it on the market.

“I hope many quickly see the sense of asking you to put your eco-friendly product into their own homes” – Customer Rev. Carlosso

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