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South Facing Conservatory Problems

Benefits of having a conservatory are vastly undervalued. Good size conservatory can be one of the best investments in terms of adding value to your property. Some of the advantages of building a conservatory include the fact you give your home a new place where you can relax, entertain, work and simply enjoy.

The challenge is hitting the “right side”. Today, we will talk a little about south facing conservatory problems, and what you can do about them...

North vs South Facing Conservatory

There are two sides of the building people usually build their conservatory on. The first positioning is south facing, and the other is north facing. Here are the differences:

  • A conservatory facing south will help you get the most out of winter season. During the summer months however, it will be uncomfortable since the room heats up fast. In addition, a south facing conservatory retains heat for longer periods of time, meaning that your room will prove very problematic to live in.

To make your south facing conservatory a liveable place during all seasons, you will need to consider a conservatory roof insulation, which we explain in greater detail later on in this article.

  • If you build a north facing conservatory, you won’t have problems during the summer. The room gets less direct sunlight, which means it will still get too hot but it will take it a little bit longer to reach those unbearable temperatures.

Both south and north facing conservatories really present similar problems in regards to temperature management. We have analysed hot conservatory solutions in greater depth here.

What Can You Do to Tackle South Facing Conservatory Problems

The best thing you can do to avoid south facing conservatory problems is to add a specific type of insulation.

The main goal behind adding insulation is prevention of heat loss during winter, and heat gain during summer. And we have the idea to solve this problem.

The insulation specific for conservatory roof application was first used by NASA on the Apollo space craft missions. The companies that have implemented and adapted these advanced technologies are now making it available to UK homeowners.

Here is an idea of how to insulate your south facing conservatory roof that will turn it into a practical room.

How Does Conservatory Roof Insulation Work?

This insulation system is perfect for both south facing and north facing conservatories. The same system is applied. But since we are talking about south facing conservatory problems today, let’s talk how to solve it.
The insulation is a six layer system, with each layer providing a unique benefit.

The first layer is true aluminum foil that can deflect 95% of radiant heat during the summer.

The layer that follows is a ThermoWadding membrane, or pockets of air within the material. These pockets of air prevent conduction of radiant energy. In other words, they maintain the even temperature of the room.

The third layer is a metalized poly foil barrier, or just another and additional heat barrier. This is to be certain that there will be no heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer.
The fourth layer is a vapor control foam membrane, which has a role in preventing damp and condensation problems.

The last two layers are the same as the first two layers. Again, you have a ThermoWadding membrane and true aluminum foil.

The membrane creates air pockets, and the aluminium foil prevents heat loss and improves your living environment.

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south facing conservatory problems

During the summer, south facing conservatories can be a hell to live in. The temperature can sky rocket up to 30 and 40 degrees Celsius. Yet with conservatory roof insulation, you'll feel as cool as a cucumber in your connie-regardless of the weather outside!

Why Should You Insulate Your Conservatory Roof?

If you’ve ever had, or visited an existing conservatory that is facing the south side on a hot day, you perfectly understand the challenges and problems of its interior climate control that come with it.

United Kingdom belongs to Northern Temperate Zone, which keeps the temperatures within the mild range specific to that zone. Even though not extreme, summer season in UK can still sky rocket those at home temperatures, and more so inside of a glass room.

Here is why you should consider insulating your conservatory roof, and avoid south facing conservatory problems.

Heat Management

Let’s start with the heat. During the summer, south facing conservatories can be a hell to live in. The temperature can sky rocket up to 30 and 40 degrees Celsius. That is not something you want, especially not inside your home. The purpose of your conservatory is to provide a place where you can relax. And how can you relax when you are sweating?

Money Saving

The second reason why you want insulation is to save money. Tell me, is there anyone in the world who wouldn’t mind saving some money? Well, with conservatory roof insulation, you can regulate the temperature of your room.

That means you won’t have to have the air conditioning system turned on all the time. In the summer, you might not need an AC at all. That is, once you have conservatory roof insulation installed.

Reclaim Unused Space

And the most important aspect is that your conservatory is finally a room, not just an extension of your house.

Take back control of your conservatory's temperature for the long-term with conservatory roof insulation. Learn more about this revolutionary new product by calling 0800 1700 636, or, alternatively, by simply clicking the button below!